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United Minibuses & Coaches MD says he is ‘standing up for the rights of small businesses’

Mr Rasool has written a full statement explaining his actions.



The MD and driver of the coach that was driven onto the pavement and blocked the entrance of the Natwest bank in Crawley has written a full statement about his actions.


“I would like to make a statement regarding the recent incident outside the Natwest Crawley branch. I had initially contacted another paper before the incident to explain that I would be doing a silent protest outside the bank due to the following reasons:

– Natwest bank closed my business account without prior written notice after banking with them for nearly 13 years

– Given we are a small business and have built up our reputation over 20 years, we can not survive without our bank account as we have monies coming in and out of the account on a daily basis and need the funds to pay for multiple suppliers and drivers.

– Natwest can not locate the account or the monies within the bank

– I have been going into the bank on a daily basis and have spent numerous hours on the phone trying to find out what has happened. The bank manager has been extremely unhelpful and would not talk to me about the closure which I could not believe after banking with Natwest for nearly 13 years

– As a small business we can not survive without our bank account for even a day, yet a week down the line we do not have any answers and are still completely in the dark. We can not receive any monies into the account and we can not pay suppliers which is catastrophic to our business reputation, which we’ve built up over 20 years.

I would like to let you know that l have been dealing directly with Natwest after they closed the account without any explanation, this lead to us not being able to run the business. As mentioned above the drivers and staff could not be paid and no monies can be accessed to pay suppliers. The bank kept saying they would help but nothing happened and this morning again they said that they could not locate the account and the bank manager would not help or talk to me.

After imploring with Natwest to grant me access to my account, they showed total disregard for the situation and would not give me access to the company savings. I was stunned by their lack of empathy and disregard for the situation, I seemed like another number to them.

After hours and hours on the phone, more complaints online, emails back and forth and more representatives telling me to wait even longer, the stress had reached such a level that caused me to act.
I am not sorry for my actions, my intentions were not to scare or frighten anybody, if I did so I apologise for that. My intentions were to block the door of the bank to stop them operating. Why should they be able to operate when I can’t, let them see what it’s like.

I am a small company standing up for the rights for small businesses who go through this day in day out.”

Mumtaz Rasool
Managing Director
United Minibuses & Coaches


‘I don’t care it’s not my emergency’ says Horley resident after putting note on Police car responding to emergency

Surrey police have posted a photo of the note that was left by an irate resident.



Officer were rushing to reports of a distressed resident who was potentially being beaten up and also to an address where a child was.

The officers had parked in one residents space and upon returning to the vehicle found a note on the car.

Officer spoke to the resident and explained they were responding to an emergency but the response was:


Surrey police have since said:

“We apologise for our inconsiderate parking during a potentially life threatening or death situation and we will try and be more aware next time. #SorryNotSorry”

In response to the post on their Facebook page other residents have added their own comments about the note saying:

“Park on my drive any time! We should support our emergency services not insult or criticise them”


Imagine how miserable you’d have to be to act like that.

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