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Travellers heed Southern Rails warnings as disruption continues

The anger and chaos of yesterday has vanished.



After the chaotic scenes of yesterday it appears travellers have taken note of the warnings from Southern Rail.

Gatwick Airport station is a completely different scene from yesterday.

Empty lines put out to keep order for the queueing passengers are empty.

The masses of angry passengers enduring long delays as they queued waiting for replacement buses has vanished.

The boards at the station still announce the lack of trains running from Three Bridges to the coast but instead of long queues there is now a calm procession to waiting buses.

Travellers are laughing and happy as they make their way onto the replacement buses.

In fact there now appears to be more buses than needed as they queue up awaiting the throng.

More buses wait patiently as passengers arrive.

Meanwhile at Three Bridges there is an un-nerving quietness with buses calmly arriving and departing full of passengers.

A bus laden with passengers leaves Three Bridges station.

Empty station as passengers only travel if essential.


Crawley drug dealer jailed

Dealer gets four and half years in prison.



A man has been jailed for four and a half year for drug dealing and possession of knives and a CS canister in Crawley.

Michael Murray, 26, of no fixed address, had pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply cocaine, money laundering, possession of a CS canister and one count of possession of a bladed article at an earlier hearing on 26 March.

He was sentenced at Hove Crown Court on Friday (18 May).

The court heard that police were called to a hotel in Goffs Park Road, Crawley on 27 February this year to a report of an aggressive guest who was refusing to leave.

When the officers went into his hotel room they found Murray with drugs and a subsequent search of the room found an envelope containing several hundred wraps of cocaine with a street value of approximately £9,000, a quantity of cannabis, nearly £10,000 cash, drug dealing paraphernalia and a canister of CS gas.

Murray was arrested and later charged.

Detective Constable Melanie Fox said: “Murray was found with a substantial quantity of drugs, cash and weapons. We are committed to disrupting the supply of drugs in Crawley. This sentence shows that anyone convicted of dealing drugs in Sussex can expect a jail term.”

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