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The new Crawley store that WILL save you money

Maggy’s Affordable Food aims to save customers money and reduce food wastage.



A new store opened its doors on Monday, and with a keen interest from the public. Maggy’s Affordable Food aims to address one of the UK’s big food problems.

The concept is to save food from being wasted.

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The store’s co-owner, Sangita, explains the process:

“What we do is we get short-dated or out of date – but its before date – food at really low cost and so we pass on the savings to our customers.

“Crawley has a population of 150,000 and a 23% child poverty rate, so really we just want to be able to save, on average, about £70 a month per family on food. That’s between £700 to £800 a year.”

The name of the store – located off Kelvin Way, Crawley – was created by merging two of the owner’s names together: The ‘Ma’ from Maggie, and the ‘ggy’ comes from Sangita’s nickname, Ziggy.

Sangita, co-owner of Maggy’s Affordable Foods off Kelvin Way in Manor Royal.

Although Maggy’s operates as a commercial entity, Sangita says this is on a ‘very minimal level’.

“Our attempt is to reinvest most of the bottom line back into the business so it won’t really be a bottom line.”

“We also do ‘Feed Crawley’. So what we also want to try and do is support that with some of the profits that we make – which is again, for the community.”

Most of the products in the store cost around 50p, however some may be marked differently.

The most expensive item currently available in the store costs just £3, that’s for a box of Thornton’s chocolates. However 90% of the items cost 50p.

Maggy’s is completely open to anybody and began because the team wanted to do their bit to change the 18 billion tonnes of food thrown away in the UK every year.

Sangita offers some advice to those who might not be sure how long they can keep an item after its best before date:

“Providing it’s stored in the right conditions – as it says in the instructions – best before dates can last for quite a while. I would say six months, a year, even three – it doesn’t matter.

“Dry products should be kept in a dry place, use common sense as well.”

The store also has a handy help sheet, helping customers understand the difference between ‘Use-by dates’ and ‘Best before dates’.

It’s not just food you’ll find inside Maggy’s, there’s also a wedding section. The idea behind this is in keeping with the whole store’s theme:

“It’s just a small, quirky thing. I’d like to make that section bigger. Weddings are so ridiculously expensive. And again, we’re trying to make things more affordable” says Sangita.

Maggy’s only opened its doors on Monday, but it’s proved so popular that the team have their eyes set on expanding the premises already.

Maggy’s Affordable Food is located at: Unit 10, Stanley Business Centre, Kelvin Way RH10 9SE

Opening hours

Monday and Tuesday: 8am-6pm
Wednesday: 8am-2pm
Thursday to Saturday: 8am-6pm
Sunday: 2pm-6pm

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Crawley School raises an incredible £13,250 for local charity

Oriel High School students raised the huge sum through a charity walk.



Oriel High School students chose The Olive Tree Cancer Support Centre which is attached to Crawley Hospital as their chosen charity for their sponsored walk this year.

The students managed to raise an astounding £13,250.

Alyson Smith, Fundraising manager for Olive Tree Cancer Support was presented with a cheque with more money still coming in.

Alyson said:

“As a small charity this is such amazing news to us. The Olive Tree Cancer Support Centre is a small, independent charity based in Crawley which has provided free support, advice, friendship and therapies to thousands of people in the local area and is a hugely valuable and much appreciated resource.

The Olive Tree, which began as a small cancer support group over 21 years ago in Crawley, provides a haven: somewhere to go and be with people who understand and can help. Our team of 85 volunteers offers free information, advice and therapeutic care to support all those affected by cancer from the point of diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. The Olive Tree supports the friends, families and carers as well as the individual experiencing cancer.”

The charity offer complementary and emotional support therapies. They say the complementary therapies can help to reduce stress, alleviate the side effects of cancer treatments and enhance feelings of well-being. They also offer acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, craniosacral therapy and Reiki.

Their emotional support is offered through counselling, art counselling, coaching, hypnotherapy and mindfulness workshops and they also run several support groups, which provide an informal environment for people to come together and support.

The charity also point out that their range of services is continually evolving and currently includes yoga, singing workshops, and a wig scheme.

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