Southern Rail – What happens next?

The Southern Rail Strike saga just keeps getting more and more complex. After announcing there would be no more strikes, Southern Rail have now said that this week they and the RMT union are going back to ACAS for talks this coming Monday.

However, the main news that is concerning rail passengers today is that thousands of passengers STILL haven’t heard back from Southern about compensation for the disruption. A website will be launched next week to help rail users claim back their money, but nearly a month after the last of the strikes, you can’t help but feel that the passengers just aren’t Southern Rails priority.

Like Donald Trump and his Wall, Southern Rail need to come up with a quick and easy way to raise the money in order to compensate the thousands of passengers that have been affected by the industrial action, as they finally start to realise there are consequences to striking for half the year. I’ve listed a few ideas for them to use, instead of them holding 267 meetings with ACAS and the RMT union to try and come up with their own.

Sell the movie rights: The strikes have captured the attention of thousands of people across Britain. Why not make the story of the Southern Rail strikes into a movie? Tip: to really generate money, try adding an alien invasion or a couple of Superheros in the story (Captain Compensation anyone?)

Valentine’s Day Chocolates: On Monday night, there will be hundreds of people traveling home, only to realise they completely forgot to buy a Valentine’s gift for their partner. At every station, set up stands to sell the official Southern Rail Valentine’s Chocolates, with Southern Rail themed engravings such as “I’d delay all services for you” or “you compensate me”.

Replace all trains with Thomas the Tank Engine: Make everyday a ‘Day out with Thomas”! Passengers won’t mind spending a little more (FACT) if they’re travelling to work in style! Bonus – if trains are delayed, instead of complaining online, passengers can just yell at the big round face of Thomas the Tank engine instead!

Alternatively, Southern Rail COULD just hold talks with the unions, whilst still running a full service, thus resolving the issues that have plagued their trains for months now, and not affecting the thousands of people that have to use and rely on them.

But personally, I want to see hundreds of angry of commuters yelling at ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’.

“You have ruined my day with your delay, I demand answers”
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