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Michael Gooch from Runway Radio realises that not everyone can tune in to The Saturday Film Show for the full 3 hours (Saturday’s 1pm till 4pm) and that some people might miss out on a crucial slice of Film News Pie or Film Rumour Fries. Which is why Michael has agreed to write this weekly article for CN24, catching you up with what you potentially missed from the show!

Well, this was an interesting week for DC and superhero fans, since that was the majority of film news from last week. It also seems that Warner Bros have gone Joker crazy!!!

This all started a couple of weeks ago when we learned of Warner Bros plan to create a Joker and Harley Quinn film, titled Joker vs Harley Quinn. My original though was that this film was not going to begin production until after the release of the Harley Quinn spin off, Gotham City Sirens, with Cat Woman and Poison Ivy. But apparently, their release dates are going to be closer than first thought. Although no exact release date has yet been given, Gotham City Sirens was announced last year, having script production just beginning. Joker vs Harley Quinn has however reportedly, already entered development, confirming the cast of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Jared Leto to return as the Joker. At the production rate both films are reportedly at, they are likely to be released in the same year.

Last week, to my disappointment, It was confirmed that DC are developing yet ANOTHER Joker film. BUT… my opinion was very quickly changed when I learned that legendary director, Martin Scorsese will be directing what he calls a ‘more gritty and grounded’ Joker origin film, which will reportedly be outside the DCEU (DC Extended Universe, aka Justice League etc) films. Which to my excitement means that Jared Leto will NOT be portraying the Joker in this film!!! No actor has been cast yet as development is still in early stages, but if I had my say, Willem Defoe would make a perfect gritty and grounded Joker. Comment below who you think would be the perfect Joker!!!

So, looks like we’ll have two Jokers on the go. Right, what about two Batmen? Several online sources have reported a rumour that director, Matt Reeves, might be scrapping Ben Affleck as Batman for the solo film, The Batman. A rumour suggests that he wants to take this film outside of the DCEU too, which would mean anyone would have to play the dark knight, as long as it wasn’t Ben Affleck. I hope these sources are wrong and the stories are fake, but still, it makes you think. We better keep our ears peeled…

More DC news with Justice League next. The question on everybody’s mind is where is Green Lantern and when will he appear? No promotion for Justice League have shown any clues as to whether the seventh member of the Justice League will appear, with all trailers and posters displaying 6 heroes. Until now!!! Towards the bottom of the Justice League soundtrack for the film, a score is titled ‘Uniting the Seven’. This means, when that score is playing in the final film, a seventh member will appear!!! The question on everyone’s mind being, who will it be? Most fans are guessing Green Lantern, but DC have been talking a lot about Shazam lately… whom will be getting his own film in 2019.

Bad and good news now for DC fans, depending on where you stand on Jesse Eisenburg’s portrayal of evil genius, Lex Luther. He was met with mixed reviews in B v S Dawn of Justice, with everyone split down the middle. Well, it seems Joss Whedon, who has taken over directing Justice League from Zack Snyder, was not a fan. This we know from the news that he has CUT Lex Luther from Justice League!!! Yep, every scene Jesse has filmed for it, not a single one will make it into the film.

He’s not the only actor to be cut apparently. Michael K. Williams, most known for his roles as Jack Lewis in Robocop and Chalky White in Boardwalk Empire, has had his character cut form the Han Solo film. This is because he was unable to make time for Ron Howard’s reshoots, resulting in having his character pulled entirely. With everything about the film being kept secret, we actually have no idea who his character was or how important they actually were. All we know is that he has described the character as a humanoid animal creature.

Finally, from Sony, we got a release date for Holmes & Watson, a more humorous take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic mysteries featuring Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. As many of you probably just said to yourself, I didn’t even know this was happening. Well, neither did I. The cast however is very strong with Will Ferrell playing Sherlock, John C. Reilly as John Watson, Hugh Laurie as the villain, Mycroft and Rob Brydon as Inspector Lestrade. This could go really well or completely ruin the franchise, but I’m looking forward to the first trailer, which should hopefully come out late this year! It is set for release November 9th next year!!!

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