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Michael Gooch from Runway Radio realises that not everyone can tune in to The Saturday Film Show for the full 3 hours (Saturday’s 1pm till 4pm) and that some people might miss out on a crucial slice of Film News Pie or Film Rumour Fries. Which is why Michael has agreed to write this weekly article for CN24, catching you up with what you potentially missed from the show!

This week, there was no film show because we were out in Horsham, doing a live broadcast from their Ice Rink, which was great fun. However, the one thing happened this week which I would have liked to talk about on my show. I of course am referring to the INFINITY WAR TRAILER!!!! Which we’ll be getting to shortly.

Firstly, in brief the Last Jedi news, it has finally been confirmed that Tom Hardy will have a cameo as a Stormtrooper in the film. Not only that, but his Stormtrooper will be an ‘important’ Stormtrooper, according to reports. It’s since been revealed that he isn’t going to be the only cameo, and that Prince William and Prince Harry have both been seen on set, getting into Stormtrooper gear, which has lead to speculation that they weren’t just trying on the costume, but that they too will be dawning the white plastic suits in the film. A rare circumstance indeed, to end up bowing down to a couple of Stormtroopers.

We’ve also got our first trailer for the unlikely anime, Batman Ninja, and you know what, it actually looks pretty good. I was so uncertain at first as to whether this film would be a good idea, but this trailer was so amazing, I cannot wait to see it. The trailer is in Japanese, being an anime film, however the film will also be released with an English dub next year. The film seems to follow a modern-day Batman, who is somehow transported back in time to ancient Japan. He must then be trained as a samurai, in order to fight the evil Joker, samurai things. Other characters turn up too with a unique twist, including Harley Quinn, Catwoman and even Robin! But seriously, I highly recommend, the artwork and costume designs are truly stunning!

In more hero news, James Franco has claimed that his next superhero film will be rated a hard R. He was recently announced to be playing the lead in the X-Men spin off film, Multiple Man, who as you can probably guess, can multiply himself so he can be in many places at once. The key piece of interest though is how he’s described it as a “hard R”, not an “R”, a “hard R”. It seems that he wants to make sure that this film’s primary audience are adults, so Marvel don’t stick to being too family friendly. A hard R rating is actually harder to achieve than it looks; Deadpool isn’t even an 18 in the UK, although being rated R in the US, and Logan was originally a 12, and so was pushed harder to make it a 15. No release date has yet been announced, but production is likely to begin next year.

Due to the great response (not amazing, but great) from the rebooted Murder on the Orient Express, it has been confirmed by 20th Century Fox that another Agatha Christie murder mystery is in development. Death on the Nile will be the next reboot, with Kenneth Branagh to return as detective, Hercule Poirot. It is rumoured that he too will be directing the follow up, but nothing has yet been confirmed by the studios. There has been no information as to a release date as the film is in early development, but one report has suggested a late 2019/early 2020 release.

Only after a few weeks’ worth of reshoots, we already have our first trailer for Ridley Scott’s, All the Money in the World. This is based on the true story of the kidnapping of 16-year-old, John Paul Getty III and the desperate attempt by his devoted mother to convince his billionaire grandfather, Jean Paul Getty, to pay the ransom. This film will be released 5th of January next year and, in my opinion, will swing one of two ways; It will either be a flop, by people being put off by Kevin Spacey, after the recent allegations, or the fact that Ridley Scott was so determined to recast Spacey, with only a few weeks until the films’ release, it will inspire people to go and see the film. It’s a hard one to call but I personally am looking forward to this, being a big fan of true story films.

And finally, we got our first official trailer for Marvel’s biggest experiment yet, Avengers: Infinity War. I could talk forever about this film, and it’s not even released until April next year! But I’ll try to keep it professional and not all excited nerd talk. Firstly, the trailer itself. It was visually stunning to watch, so much drama and action, although fans have pointed out that it has been a first for marvel to not feature any comedy in a trailer. We got our first look at so many new things; Captain America’s new identity as The Nomad, who went into hiding, Spider-man’s new Iron Spider suit (which hopefully still has insta-kill!!!) and obviously, Josh Brolin as Thanos. I think his portrayal is perfect, although I am very confused as to why he looks more pink than purple, but hey, there might end up being a reason for that. Other points of interest include the trailers’ views. The Avengers trailer currently has 26 million views, after being uploaded 6 years ago, whereas Infinity War passed those views after only 11 hours!!! Absolutely incredible. One report has also gone on to say that this is actually the most viewed trailer of all time, which was expected to be fair. One last thing; having seen the ‘leaked’ comic con infinity war trailer a couple of months ago, I can confirm that this wasn’t the trailer they showed there, which means that there are plenty of surprises still to come! The hype for this film is so much more when you learn that directing duo, the Russo Brothers, are planning to attempt something which has never been done before in a superhero film!!! Now what could that be?…


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