The Saturday Film Show with Michael Gooch – Weekly Roundup

Michael Gooch from Runway Radio realises that not everyone can tune in to The Saturday Film Show for the full 3 hours (Saturday’s 1pm till 4pm) and that some people might miss out on a crucial slice of Film News Pie or Film Rumour Fries. Which is why Michael has agreed to write this weekly article for CN24, catching you up with what you potentially missed from the show!

So just because we spent yesterday at the Crawley Ice Rink, don’t think that’ll be an excuse for me not to keep you up to date with the film news and rumours from the past 7 days!

Firstly, it seems that the plans for a Metal Gear Solid film is a go, with director of Kong: Skull Island, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, rumoured to be directing. The film will be based on the video game of the same name, which I am actually a fan of. There have been previous film adaptations of this game, and they haven’t done too badly in their reviews, however this reboot is aiming to bring the characters into a more mainstream release. In today’s world, video-game film adaptations have not done too well at the box office, or with critics, but could this be the one?

Next up, I was very excited to receive a brand-new teaser for Deadpool 2. As you’d expect from Ryan Reynolds beloved portrayal of the character, this was not your typical trailer for a superhero film. Instead, we got to see Deadpool teach us how to paint landscapes. Going by the white collared shirt and the large afro (in case you missed it), it is clear that he is parodying famous American artist, Bob Ross, who is well known for his step by step painting videos. Never the less, it seems that Ryan has really brought Deadpool to the life he deserves, and I cannot wait for its release June 1st next year!

In Netflix news, it’s been said that producers are desperately trying to rewrite season 6 of their multi award winning show, House of Cards. This is almost certain to be due to the allegations of Kevin Spacey, who plays Francis Underwood in the show. Originally, it was reported that the show will be coming to an end after season 6, however this seems to suggest that Netflix and the show’s producers are desperately trying to keep the show running for as long as they can. The rewrite is likely to lead to Spacey’s character somehow leaving, otherwise Netflix can guarantee that the views and ratings will go rapidly downhill.

It’s also been confirmed that this Lord of the Rings/Middle Earth TV adaptation, we’ve heard so little about, will be happening. It is unclear as to how long the show will be running for, who the cast will be, or whether this will be a complete remake of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy or a new Middle Earth adventure. But, what we do know, is that the show has been bought by Amazon Studios and so is almost certain to be an Amazon Prime Exclusive. One last thing I’ve recently heard is about the budget. A couple of weeks ago, I said that this show will need to match the budget from the films, if they want it to match the quality. Well, a little bird has told me that this series could have a larger budget than Game of Thrones, and if you didn’t know, their budget is over $8 million per episode!!!

So, in magical news, it seems we’ve got a new title for the Fantastic Beasts sequel. Now titled, Fantastic Beasts: the Crimes of Grindelwald, we know that this film is going to give us a bit more backstory on Johnny Depp’s character, Grindelwald, who is looking to be the villain of this five part story. Yeah, part five will be out in 2024, long wait isn’t it. We’ll also be seeing younger versions of Dumbledore, played by Jude Law and Leta Lestrange, played by Zoe Kravitz. The film is set for November next year, so I doubt we’ll get a trailer very soon, but who knows, maybe if we wish hard enough…

Next, it seems that my prediction last week was spot on, as 4 months later, we finally got another trailer for The Greatest Showman with Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron and Zendaya. This musical extravaganza looks like it could be a new favourite for me. No really, it does. It’s full of music, magic, showmanship, a great cast, it’s based on a true story, what more could you want? I’m currently labelling it as the love child of La La Land and The Prestige, which I in no way see as ever being a bad combination. The only downside of the film is that we get January 1st next year, whereas the US of A get it December 20th… Lucky devils…

And finally, we have our first trailer for Incredibles 2! At such an early stage, we know very little about the film. However, the trailer has backed up the short synopsis Pixar announced not too long ago; The film will follow Mr Incredible as he takes care of Jack-Jack whilst Elastigirl is out saving the world. I really cannot wait for this film; do you know how young I was when the first came out?!? This lovely animation is set for a release next July, hopefully Frozone can find his super suit by then.

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