The Saturday Film Show with Michael Gooch – Weekly Roundup

Michael Gooch from Runway Radio realises that not everyone can tune in to The Saturday Film Show for the full 3 hours (Saturday’s 1pm till 4pm) and that some people might miss out on a crucial slice of Film News Pie or Film Rumour Fries. Which is why Michael has agreed to write this weekly article for CN24, catching you up with what you potentially missed from the show!

So, this week has not been the busiest we’ve had. But still, the quality of the news is way better than the quantity.

So firstly, it seems that production companies still haven’t got the message; STOP WITH THE REMAKES AND REBOOTS!!! Yet again, another remake/reboot has been announced. Now don’t get me wrong, some of these remakes have been great, it’s just that most of them aren’t necessary, including this one. Morgan Creek Productions have confirmed that they are looking to reboot the family comedy, Ace Ventura. The original, with Jim Carrey, was a classic and just a good fun film, but do we really need to see it done again? Well, Co-founder of Morgan Creek, James G Robinson, has stated said he is not looking to do a remake of the original movie, but wanted to do a ‘mainstream theatrical production re-launch’. Whether this will be through a long-lost son/daughter taking over the business perhaps? We’re not too sure. However, they have not apparently ruled out the idea of having Jim Carrey reprise his role, but for now they are just looking at all of their options.

In Marvel news, Thor: Ragnarok director, Taika Waititi, has claimed that he would like to direct a fourth Thor movie. Personally, I am all up for this, going by how great Ragnarok was, so I would love to see more Marvel films like this. Chris Hemsworth too is on board, but nothing has been officially confirmed as to whether this will actually happen. Taika has since stated that he would love to do a Ragnarok part 2, as he feels that there is a lot more story to continue from the previous. Not only this, but Taika has also stated that he would like to do a solo Black Widow film, however, he would like to make it more of a comedy like Ragnarok. I’m all for a Black Widow film, but I honestly don’t think that a comedy is the way to go. If I had my choice, I’d like to see Black Widow and Hawkeye get their own Netflix series, since Marvel seem to be a bit more loose on violence and gritty storylines there, and this pair would be great for that.

In very brief Netflix news, due to the growing problems and criticisms surrounding Kevin Spacey at the moment, Netflix are considering to cancel the vastly popular series, House of Cards. A lot of fans are very unhappy with this decision, although, some are understanding where Netflix are coming from and how hard a decision this must be. They are however going to let the rest of season 6 run and are in talks as to whether the show could continue without Spacey, or if they are going to cancel the show when this season ends. Not only this, but it seems like Netflix have severed all of their ties with Spacey, cancelling his latest project on writer, Gore Vidal, which is currently in post-production, and will not be aired.

From Netflix to Amazon Prime. Prime, to the joy of many, have commissioned for a continuation of the Amazon Original superhero comedy, The Tick. I say continuation, because this isn’t exactly a second season, as I had first thought. Going on new information, it is simply going to be a continuation of episodes, continuing season 1 with a seventh episode. It has not been confirmed as to how many episodes we will be getting, but we know that they will be arriving to the service February 23rd next year.

In more Prime news, we have got a full trailer, at long last, for the second season of The Grand Tour and it looks amazing. There is everything you could want from the ‘Holy Trinity’ as they call themselves, full of; banter, stupidity, fast cars, challenges and customised vehicles, which I cannot wait to see. The series is set to arrive (or handbrake turn) December 8th, which is almost a month later than when the first season first aired last year. This is most likely to be due to Hammond’s accident he had, when one of the most expensive cars that he was driving barrel rolled and caught fire, almost killing him. Of course, it is likely that they will be talking about this in one of the episodes.

We’ve got yet another trailer for The Disaster Artist, directed by and starring James Franco. If you’re unaware of what the film is about, it will definitely be worth a watch when it’s out this December. It is based on the true story of Tommy Wiseau’s The Room (2003), which has become a cult classic and has, in most cases, gone down as one of the worst films ever made. Everything was wrong with it; Tommy Wiseau’s acting… could have been better, the script was… not great and… yeah, everything was bad now that I think about it. But this humorous take by James Franco reveals what actually went on behind the scenes of the film and a rough insight into Tommy’s life, leading up to his first feature film. It has been talked about online, that this film could potentially be Oscar nomination worthy. If not for Best Picture, then at least Best Actor for James Franco’s performance.

And finally, the most interesting slice of news from this week. Warner Bros are reportedly in very early talks with J.R.R. Tolkien, to develop a TV adaptation of the novels, and film trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. I’m honestly not sure what to think of this as the films were amazing and don’t really need to be retold, however I think a series would be able to open Middle Earth, as there are far more stories to be had with the characters. This has not been officially announced yet, with no writer, director or cast selected. There isn’t even a rough idea of a release date, which could still be years if they want to be able to match the quality of the film trilogy. One report has claimed that Amazon Studios are interested in this project, which could lead the series to be an Amazon Exclusive or Original, and with The Grand Tour safe under their belt, the future is looking good for Amazon.

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