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Michael Gooch from Runway Radio realises that not everyone can tune in to The Saturday Film Show for the full 3 hours (Saturday’s 1pm till 4pm) and that some people might miss out on a crucial slice of Film News Pie or Film Rumour Fries. Which is why Michael has agreed to write this weekly article for CN24, catching you up with what you potentially missed from the show!

So, once again, a LOT happened this week in the way of film news and rumours, and for once, it wasn’t all superhero related.

Firstly, fans of Pacific Rim: Uprising were surprised and confused, after, earlier this week, director, Steven S. DeKnight, teased the idea of a Pacific Rim, King Kong and Godzilla crossover film. I know, it sounds really farfetched, almost like someone has actually made this up, but this is what Steven said during a panel at New York’s Comic Con earlier this year. When asked about the possible crossover, he replied; “I won’t say there’s an Easter Egg but there’s been a lot of discussion about that possibility of crossing over. Look, I think it would be fantastic to have the Pacific Rim universe join Legendary’s Monster Universe, it seems like a natural step. And part of the big overall plan after the third movie we’ve talked about is that could happen, it’s always a possibility. It’s by far not a certainty; it’s merely theoretical at this point, but as a fan myself I would love to see that happen.” Perhaps we are one step closer to seeing all kinds of crossovers in the film universe.

A bit of Wolverine news now and don’t worry, it’s nothing to do with a reboot. We saw Hugh Jackman’s final portrayal of Wolverine in Logan earlier this year. Audience’s seemed to be very satisfied with the film and it’s ending, although some, including myself, were a little disappointed as we never got to see Hugh wearing the comic book yellow and blue Wolverine suit. However, our wish might be soon granted by the man himself. Hugh tweeted a picture of himself on Twitter, in a fancy-dress store holding a (very cheap) version of the classic suit, and the caption “Just maybe I will finally wear blue and yellow spandex for my #halloweencostume #tootall”. Of course, this could all just be Hugh making a joke, but let’s face it, this needs to happen.

Actually, there was another bit of Wolverine news, kind of. James Mangold, who directed Logan, has confirmed that there is an X-23 Spin Off film in development. If you didn’t know, because you’re not a massive Marvel nerd like me, X-23 was the little girl with Wolverine like powers, played by Dafne Keen in Logan. It was originally proposed to by fans, to give Dafne her own spin off, for two reasons; 1. She was great and 2. In hopes to prevent Fox from rebooting and recasting Wolverine. James Mangold has said that there is no guarantee that this will happen, but they are just working on a script at the moment. I honestly think that if this is going to be a continuation of Logan, a good title would be ‘Rise of Eden’, what do you think?

In news that nobody saw coming, and very few are actually for, Transformers producer and all-round explosion lover, Michael Bay, is set to produce a live action Dora the Explorer film. I know, two things are wrong here; Firstly, A live action Dora film isn’t needed, and secondly, Michael Bay is seriously the last person I’d think of to be producing it. Can you imagine? It’ll just be Dora the Explorer with a bunch of explosions every five seconds. One report has however stated that they believe Bay won’t have any involvement in the film, but his production company will, meaning that he will only be overseeing the project with little personal involvement. Some people are saying that Dafne Keen from Logan would actually make a great choice and I have to agree. Although it will be hard seeing her as a cute young explorer since the light time we saw her she had knives coming out of her hands and was beheading people.

Now usually I wouldn’t talk about Pokémon movies, seeing as they are quite frequent and rarely shown in cinemas in the UK. However, this one looks like it will be an exception. Being based on the Nintendo 3DS game, Great Detective Pikachu, the film looks to follow a talking Pikachu, as he partners with a young boy called Tim Goodman, and solves mysteries. The film, being titled simply as Detective Pikachu, will reportedly be a live action, making it the first for any Pokémon film. Universal, who will distribute the film, have already acquired a director; Rob Letterman, who has previously directed Gulliver’s Travels, Monsters vs Aliens and Shark Tale. With filming predicted to begin in January next year, they must be close to confirming their cast. As of now, there is no confirmation on who will be playing Tim or voicing Pikachu, but a report has suggested that the studio is looking into Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to voice the yellow mouse. Which is a peculiar choice, but we’ll give it a chance.

In Netflix trailer news, fantasy police film, Bright, will be arriving exclusively to the service on the 22nd of December this year. Featuring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, Bright takes place on Earth, where humans and mythical creatures live side by side, but not always in harmony. Will plays a cop, who is partnered with Joel, who plays an Orc. This is a first for the police department, and so all of the public eyes are on them. Their usual routines are put on hold, after the discovery of a magic wand’s existence, and it is in the possession of Tikka, played by Lucy Fry. We don’t know a lot about who Tikka is, but what we do know is that this wand grants the user infinite power and that everyone would kill anybody in order to have it. Honestly, I am so excited for this film and I am hoping that it can deliver to meet our expectations. It has fantasy, guns, Will Smith, magic and Shrek jokes. What more could we ask for? What’s that, a decent soundtrack you ask? Of course, they do, and it’s released November 9th with some amazing tracks!

And finally, Warner Bros have finally cast Shazam in, well, Shazam!. This DC film was announced months ago, and the casting of villain, Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam, was confirmed even earlier. It was recently announced that Zachary Levi, who played Chuck in Chuck and also voiced Flynn in Disney’s Tangled will be taking the role. Zachary has actually been in a superhero film before, in fact, very recently. He played the swordsman, Fandral in Thor: Ragnorok and Thor: the Dark World. But never the less, it is he who will be playing the lead in the 2019 film, as the boy who can transform into an adult at the single word, Shazam! He’s of course not the first actor who’ll have played a hero in both Marvel and DC projects, however he wasn’t exactly fans first choice to play the hero. Online polls seemed to favour Derek Theler, most credited for his role of Danny Wheeler in the sitcom Baby Daddy, who I can honestly see being a better choice as he looks a lot like the comic book character and seems to have a more ‘child like’ persona, like Shazam. Although we’ll still get to see him play a hero too, in the announced Marvel sitcom, Marvel’s New Warriors, as Mr Immortal. I know, I said the words Marvel and Sitcom like they are a normal combination. Trust me, we’ll be talking about it very soon, but in the meantime, we’ll give Zachary a shot!

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