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Refugees welcomed by communities in West Sussex

As Refugee Week approaches, residents are being encouraged to consider what simple acts they can do to support refugees & migrants moving into West Sussex.



West Sussex County Council are asking local residents to consider what simple acts they can do to support refugees and migrants this refugee week.

Celebrating the positive difference refugees and migrants make to their communities, Refugee Week 2018 runs from 18 – 24 June. It’s also a time to thank local people for helping them integrate.

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Communities across West Sussex have already welcomed a number of Syrian families as part of the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement programme.

In total, West Sussex has pledged to accept 60 families or 240 people over the remaining four year period of the scheme.

West Sussex County Council said:

“With the help of local people, these families are successfully adapting to their new lives in the county and we look forward to more families arriving in West Sussex under this programme.”

A volunteer from the Horsham Refugees support group has been working with two refugee families.

Jo explains:

“Over the last two years I have seen such a development in all members of the two families.

“Their language skills and confidence at navigating the community have grown. They are making friends in their local areas and joining in with community groups and activities.

“Throughout every visit they are always so grateful for the refuge and the welcome they have received in West Sussex and always ask me to pass this on to the general public for their kind donations, smiles and words.”

Debbie Kennard, Cabinet Member for Safer, Stronger Communities, said:

“Thank you to the individuals, groups and organisations which have come together to welcome refugees and migrants into their communities.

“I feel so proud to live in a county which has made such an effort to support these vulnerable families.

“It is also important to take this opportunity to celebrate the benefits these families bring to West Sussex.

“I would encourage everyone to have a look at the ’20 simple acts’ and see how many they can complete in Refugee Week 2018.”

Refugee Week organisers are encouraging residents to complete ’20 Simple Acts’, which can be shared online using the hashtag #SimpleActs.

Some of the acts include ‘Find 20 objects that tell a refugee story’, ‘Learn a few words in another language’ and ‘Find 5 facts about refugees’

Go to to see the full list of acts.

If you want to learn more about supporting refugees in West Sussex, contact

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