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Pupils freedom of choice branded ‘sexist’

A recent campaign by a local school has been branded as ‘sexist’ just for illustrating what some of their pupils interests are.



A recent advertising campaign by a local school has raised new serious questions after local press and politicians questioned whether it was being sexist.

The advert, which featured pupils at the establishment, had job titles associated with them that were the pupils own personal choices of jobs they aspired towards.

But some people didn’t see it this way, noticing that on one advert where the boy had one of his choices as a politician, the girl had writer.

Pupils were featured with their own choices of careers they had interests in.

Scandalous? Err why?

In this day and age it appears that on the one hand we lament things that appear to be degrading yet on the other celebrate peoples right for personal choice.

A local paper ravaged the adverts by making out the school was being sexist before finally getting a response back that explained these were the pupils own choices.

But it also begs the question what makes a politician a better job than a writer or an actor or a singer or a ….. you get the point.

Since when did we take to the streets degrading each others jobs?

Perhaps before everyone started complaining they should look at why people choose what they do as their career choices before screaming words such as ‘sexist’ and publishing clear ‘clickbait’ articles.

After all, are we not supposed to inspire young people that they can choose to be whatever they want to be?

So hats off to Ardingly College for publicly showing that their students are supported in whatever path they wish to take.


Free travel for school visits as Gatwick announce new partnership

The partnership covers travel costs to Kew’s Botanic Gardens, Wakehurst.



Wakehurst Place, Picture by Jim Holden

London Gatwick has today announced a new, year-long partnership with Kew’s wild botanic garden Wakehurst to support a bursary programme for schools in the South East. It will cover the cost of travel to the site for schools with students from disadvantaged backgrounds, enabling them to learn about seed conservation and the research work of Kew’s scientists.

Wakehurst, is funded and managed by the Royal Botanic Gardens (RBG) Kew. Located in Ardingly, West Sussex, there are more than 500 acres of botanic gardens, woodlands and a nature reserve containing wetlands and meadowland to explore. It is also home to the Millennium Seed Bank, the largest seed conservation project in the world.

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Wakehurst also provides a wide variety of educational activities for students, which meet curriculum targets across a range of subjects including: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

The RBG Kew schools bursary programme is aimed at Key Stage 2 (7 to 11 years old) students at schools with a higher level of pupil premium funding. These are often situated in catchment areas with a range of social and economic challenges and where achievement is below the national average. These schools are less likely to be able to raise funds for out-of-school visits.

In support of the bursary programme, Gatwick Airport is funding the travel costs for these schools to visit Wakehurst, which receives an average of 10,000 school children annually.

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The partnership, which also provides corporate membership benefits for the airport’s staff, sits within Gatwick’s Community Engagement ‘Inform, Inspire, Invest’ education strategy, including partnerships with other STEM initiatives, such as the Big Bang Fair and Learn Live broadcasts.

Gatwick Airport’s Head of Community Engagement, Alison Addy, said:

“We are delighted to be partnering with Wakehurst to provide an opportunity for students to visit and develop their understanding of the important conservation work which takes place at the botanic garden.

“It is our aim to inform and inspire the next generation of young people to take an interest in STEM related opportunities such as this, which will in turn help them develop the skills they need for their future careers.”

Tony Sweeney, Director of Wakehurst, said:

“There is so much to see and learn at Wakehurst. We find that students are fascinated by the incredible plants, trees and landscape as well as what’s happening inside the science labs of the world class Millennium Seed Bank.

“We are 100% committed to sharing our knowledge and passion for plants with students, hoping to inspire a love of the natural world so they become its champions, guardians and perhaps future researchers, We are thrilled to be bringing more students to experience this thanks to the new partnership with Gatwick Airport.”

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