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Prices for Airport parking at Gatwick highest for 10 years

The UK market leader in travel extras, Holiday Extras, also offer their airport parking money saving tips.



Recent research has shown airport parking prices last month for Gatwick Airport were the highest for ten years.

Holiday Extras, the UK market leader in travel extras, today announced that according to its latest analysis, parking prices for the airport surpassed an average of £10 per day – hitting those holiday makers from London and the South East hardest, but affecting all travellers from the airport.

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Limited options and supply in the surrounding area are two factors driving up costs for those wishing to park their cars prior to taking their holidays from Gatwick.

Holiday Extras Group CEO Matthew Pack explained:

“We sell airport parking at every major UK airport and have done so for over 30 years, so we really understand the market.

“This May we have seen the highest prices for ten years. Parking does usually become a bit more expensive in the summer months and prices go up as car parks start to sell out. However, we have seen prices very susceptible to big increases due to pressure on availability at the airport, an issue that is particularly acute at Gatwick.

“Therefore, we advise holidaymakers who know that they are going to be driving to the airport for their holiday this summer to book now and lock the price in before it rises. Travellers can save up to 60% on their parking by booking in advance, rather than paying the ‘drive-up’ price. This year, with costs already so high, it is more important than ever to book early. Otherwise, people could be facing a nasty shock on arrival.

“There are many ways that holidaymakers can save on airport parking, even if this summer is the most expensive we’ve ever seen.”

Holiday Extras offer their airport parking money saving tips for holidaymakers this summer:

  1. Just pre-booking will save you 60% versus turning up on the day. Guarantee the price and a space when you arrive.
  2. Book early, really early, 3 to 6 months if you can.
  3. Don’t just compare prices. Compare value. £70 will buy you a “meet and greet” option versus paying £60 to park yourself and ride on a bus.
  4. Be flexible. Don’t always book the same thing, try something new. If you use an airport regularly build up 2 or 3 services you trust and get used to using to benefit from potential price changes and local competition.
  5. Book an airport hotel with parking included in the price. Amazingly, its sometimes cheaper to stay at a 4 star hotel with a week’s parking included than it is to book parking on its own.

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Man jailed for making hoax bomb call in order to catch his flight at Gatwick

A man who made a hoax bomb call in an attempt to catch his flight to the USA has been jailed.



Jacob Meir Abdellak was running late for the Norwegian flight from Gatwick to Los Angeles, so he decided to contact the police to report the threat.

The anonymous call was received at 5.47am on Friday 11 May – just eight minutes before the flight was due to depart – and a full re-screening meant take-off was delayed by 90 minutes.

Further enquiries made by Gatwick Airport Ltd revealed Abdellak was significantly late for the flight and he was denied boarding by airline staff, whom he became abusive towards. He was told to return on another date to rearrange his flight.

It was later confirmed the telephone number used to make the call was the same number linked to his booking.

The 47-year-old librarian, of Amhurst Park, Hackney, London, was arrested at Gatwick Airport on Tuesday 22 May as he attempted to board another flight to the USA.

He was charged with communicating false information regarding a noxious substance likely to create serious risk to human health, however he denied the offence throughout.

Abdellak, a French national, admitted the telephone number was his, but claimed he had lost the SIM card a few days earlier and therefore the call could not have been made by him.

But at Lewes Crown Court on Tuesday (14 August), when the trial was due to begin, the defendant changed his mind and pleaded guilty.

He was sentenced to 10 months’ imprisonment and required to pay a £140 victim surcharge.

Gatwick Police Chief Inspector Marc Clothier said:

“This was a quite ridiculous decision made by Abdellak, who fabricated an extremely serious allegation purely for his own benefit. He was running late for his flight and thought it would be a good idea to call in a hoax bomb, however this turned out to be the worst decision he could have made.

“His actions caused the flight to be delayed, and also caused a level of fear and distress among a number of staff and passengers on board that flight.

“The consequences of making allegations about bombs, guns or similar at densely populated locations such as airports are well documented, and Abdellak’s sentence serves as a warning to others that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated and offenders will be dealt with robustly.”

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