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Pregnancy, Baby and Beyond with Bridgeham Clinic

Crawley based Bridgeham Clinic have put together an informative article on how osteopathy, acupuncture and Pilates can help both mother and child.



A unique combination of osteopathy, acupuncture and Pilates will inspire and energise you as you journey through pregnancy and beyond. Learn how to move effortlessly, with strength, flexibility and ease.


How can acupuncture help in pregnancy?

Acupuncture is used for a wide variety of problems and many people now seek support from acupuncture either as a stand-alone or alongside IVF as well as during pregnancy and post-natally.

Some women are referred by their midwife, most often towards the end of pregnancy to help them prepare for labour and delivery. Post-natally women want to return to optimum health and recover quickly from early days anxiety.
Acupuncture is safe to use throughout pregnancy.

“The whole treatment was very relaxing and my son was born at 10.59 pm that night so I can say it was very effective. Amazing!”

What about babies?

Babies and children can be treated using acupuncture or non-invasive techniques that do not puncture the skin. Advice can be given to further support treatment using simple techniques at home.


Can I choose Osteopathy during pregnancy?

The body undergoes extensive mechanical and physiological changes during pregnancy to accommodate the needs of the growing baby. Therefore, it comes as no surprise when new maternal aches and pains arise. Commonly, mums-to-be report low back pain (with or without sciatica), neck stiffness, symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and the dreaded pelvic girdle pain NCOR, 2012). It is known that some pregnancies have a higher risk of miscarriage around specific weeks. For this reason, your osteopath may avoid booking in pregnant patients in their 12th and 16th week.

What happens during a treatment?

A full medical history is taken, and the osteopath conducts an assessment to ascertain what is the cause of symptoms (this generally involves some movements and non-invasive tests). After your treatment session, it is common to recommend specific exercises or stretches you can safely perform to maintain the progress made during the treatment.

“Bridgeham was amazing at sorting out my pregnancy related sciatica & PGP. My osteopath made me feel totally at ease. I just wish I’d gone in my 1st pregnancy then I might not have been house bound for the last 2 months! Pilates is also amazing.”

Osteopathy for babies?

Osteopathy can be helpful for babies who are:

  • unable to turn their neck fully to feed
  • not filling dirty nappies efficiently
  • struggling to relax, or seem to have generalised tension (wincing, grunting, wriggling etc whilst asleep)
  • unsettled babies
  • feeding difficulties

“Bridgeham was amazing at sorting out my pregnancy related sciatica & PGP. My osteopath made me feel totally at ease. I just wish I’d gone in my 1st pregnancy then I might not have been house bound for the last 2 months! Pilates is also amazing.”

Pilates and Garuda

Pilates and Garuda 1:1 machine sessions are tailored to support your body and movement through the three trimesters, practising suitable birth positions, honouring your hopes and aspirations for parenthood and ensuring your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing is aligned and grounded in centred, balanced movement.

As a “mum-to-be”, use your regular 1:1 machine studio sessions to touch base with yourself and become aware of the incredible changes your body is going through and to enjoy the journey and marvel at life.

Once your baby has arrived we can help you to observe baby’s movement patterns e.g. rolling, commando crawling and creeping. You can bring in your baby for a play in our movement studio. The fun you will have learning and copying from them and their developing movements is all part of Bridgeham’s service.

We also look at how to best lift car seats, find supportive feeding positions, pick up bubba from the cot, push prams, ensuring you set off with good healthy movement patterns for your whole parenting life! Grandparents are welcome to attend too!

“I came for 1:1 Pilates sessions after the traumatic birth of my first child. The intention was to get help to recover physically. What I didn’t expect was a totally holistic approach to my treatment that addressed all the emotional aspects as well. I cannot say how wonderful my instructor was. She drew on her own birthing experiences, her wealth of knowledge of how the body works and the impacts of pregnancy.

“The complete focus on me (and the baby) during each session was so far removed from the rushed and fragmented medical care I had had. I cannot recommend Bridgeham highly enough, it has truly been a life changing experience turning to them for help.”

We would be honoured to work with you during your journey from pregnancy to motherhood, and help the rest of your family too.

Health & Wellbeing

Crawley woman among winning nurses at hospital awards

When the Queen Victoria Hospital asked its patients (past and present) to nominate staff they felt went the extra mile for them during their treatment or appointments, they were overwhelmed with the response.



Pictured: Breast reconstruction nurse specialists Rebecca and Pam pictured receiving their award from Jo Thomas, Director of Nursing and Quality at Queen Victoria Hospital

The ask was for the hospital’s annual patient experience award, which this year generated over 50 nominations. Among the winners were Pam Golton from East Grinstead and Rebecca Spencer from Crawley – breast reconstruction nurse specialists at the hospital.

The duo received an amazing eight nominations from patients who commended Pam and Rebecca’s support during their reconstruction journey following breast cancer Queen Victoria Hospital is a leading centre for reconstructive breast surgery in the South East, performed either at the same time as a mastectomy or after all treatment has been completed. Pam and Rebecca are on hand to help patients throughout their journey and for however long their treatment takes.

Comments from the nominations included:

“All through my journey they have been amazing, going beyond the care and support I have ever experienced in any other NHS trust. They made me realise that I was normal and treated me as a friend.”


“they are kind, caring, good listeners, totally dedicated, professional and give you good honest advice and reassurance if you are worried about anything. Above all they just want to ensure you’re ok. I can honestly say I am so lucky to have been referred to QVH and been given Pam and Rebecca as my breast reconstruction nurse specialists. I really don’t know how I would have coped without them.”

Their win was announced on the night of the annual QVH Staff Awards by a special film one of their patients, Linda, helped create, explaining in her own words why she was driven to nominate the duo. You can watch it now on YouTube:

Commenting on their award Pam said:

“I was really thrilled to find out I had been nominated for an award and it was even more special to find out we had won. Rebecca and I are very much a team and it is lovely to be recognised for what in essence is “just doing our job”, but what a job! Helping ladies navigate what could potentially be the most emotional time of their lives is a privilege and one that we both take very seriously. Having recognition in this way encourages us to continue to strive to improve our practice and continue to make a difference to those we care for”.

Rebecca continued:

“I was so delighted we won the outstanding patient experience award, what a wonderful surprise. It is lovely to hear how we have made a difference to the lives of patients, and humbling to see how much we are appreciated. Patients are the focus of everything we do and it is so lovely to be recognised. To hear that I have helped women through a really difficult time in their lives is really rewarding and it makes me feel very proud.”

Jo Thomas, Director of Nursing and Quality at Queen Victoria Hospital (QVH) explains why the awards are so important:

“We hope that every member of staff makes the experience of our patients a positive one. But we know some of our staff are extra special. Pam and Rebecca are both very deserving winners and we’d like to congratulate them both and all of our staff who were nominated – it’s a real testament to the positive impact our staff make when patients take the time to contact us.”

Queen Victoria Hospital would like to thank everyone who took time to nominate members of staff for the award and would encourage patients to continue passing on their feedback through its Patient Advice and Liaison service (PALS) by email at, or its Facebook and Twitter channels.

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