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Motorists relieved as planned closure of M23 is postponed



The planned closure of the M23 this weekend has been postponed.

The highways agency made the announcement citing adverse weather conditions, in particular the forecast of heavy rain as the reason.

The planned closure was for a section between Junction 10 and 9 to be closed northbound.

There is planned work for next weekend that will still cause a closure however.

One motorist, Keith from Three Bridges said:

“This is such a relief.  I work at the weekends and last week when it was closed it took me over an hour to drive what usually takes 15 minutes.  I know the work has to be done, but even delaying it for a week means I don’t have to worry just yet.”

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Travellers heed Southern Rails warnings as disruption continues

The anger and chaos of yesterday has vanished.



After the chaotic scenes of yesterday it appears travellers have taken note of the warnings from Southern Rail.

Gatwick Airport station is a completely different scene from yesterday.

Empty lines put out to keep order for the queueing passengers are empty.

The masses of angry passengers enduring long delays as they queued waiting for replacement buses has vanished.

The boards at the station still announce the lack of trains running from Three Bridges to the coast but instead of long queues there is now a calm procession to waiting buses.

Travellers are laughing and happy as they make their way onto the replacement buses.

In fact there now appears to be more buses than needed as they queue up awaiting the throng.

More buses wait patiently as passengers arrive.

Meanwhile at Three Bridges there is an un-nerving quietness with buses calmly arriving and departing full of passengers.

A bus laden with passengers leaves Three Bridges station.

Empty station as passengers only travel if essential.

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