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Local firms reach out to former Monarch staff



Customer service skills and experience of former Monarch staff sought after by transport firms – who urge them to check vacancies on their websites

·         Forum highlights a train leaving Gatwick for London with Tube-like frequency every three minutes when £7 billion Thameslink upgrade complete next year

·         And – for first time ever – new direct Brighton to Cambridge and Peterborough services on Brighton mainline – with both also serving Gatwick

Govia Thameslink and Metrobus both used this year’s Gatwick Transport Forum as an opportunity to reach out to Monarch staff with new job opportunities.

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The Transport Forum seeks to create a more integrated approach to transport provision across the region.  At the event, both transport firms said former Monarch staff are likely to have valuable public facing customer service skills and experience and urged those looking for employment to check a range of vacancies on their websites.

It is the last of the annual events before rail services through the airport are transformed – with for the first time ever – the launch of two new direct services from Brighton to both Cambridge and Peterborough in May.

The new services form part of the £7 billion Thameslink upgrade programme and will result in a train leaving the airport for London with Tube-like frequency every three minutes by the end of next year, when the upgrade completes.

Other issues discussed at this year’s event included the redevelopment of the airport’s rail station, how technology can improve passenger journeys and electric and hydrogen powered public transport.

Plans to rebuild Gatwick’s rail station – the south east’s busiest – are entering the advanced design stage.  Once complete the new station will boost capacity, reduce congestion and improve train reliability by reducing platform dwell times.

Organisations presenting at the event included:

·         Highways England – currently rolling out plans to upgrade Junctions 8 to 10 of the M23 to a ‘smart motorway’ to increase capacity and ease congestion

·         Govia Thameslink Railway – overseeing a massive modernisation programme with new trains and on-board staff for Gatwick Express and next-generation trains and new services at the airport with Thameslink

·         Wrightbus – a UK firm with a global presence that makes zero-emission busses

·         Transport for London – introduced Oyster and contactless payment systems to Gatwick last year

·         Metrobus – a major local bus service provider

Guy Stephenson, Chief Commercial Officer, Gatwick Airport, said:

Gatwick’s Transport Forum is an ideal opportunity to get key players in a room together to form new relationships that help create an integrated transport network.  As today has proved, it is also a useful way to reach out to others in our industry that may need a helping hand.

“We are entering an exciting new era in rail services for both Gatwick and the wider region when longer, more frequent trains start running on the Brighton to London corridor next year, including new direct services to Cambridge and Peterborough and a trains leaving the airport for London with Tube-like frequency.

“By working together with our public transport partners – including local and national bus service providers – Gatwick is on track to meet our target of getting 60% of both passengers and staff to the airport on public transport by 2040.”  

Check regularly for vacancies

Metrobus has bus driving posts at their depot in Manor Royal near Gatwick, as well in Brighton, Hove and Newhaven.

Check for more details.

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Council have plans in place for ‘Beast from the East’

Salting operations are to continue throughout the period; snow ploughs will be fitted when required to ensure main roads are kept open.



Yellow warnings for snow in Crawley have been issued by the Met Office until Wednesday. Photo: MetOffice

Snowfall will be effecting most of the country over the forthcoming week and the Met Office have issued yellow weather warnings for snow as well as amber warnings for some areas.

Following these warnings, West Sussex County Council have said they have plans in place to keep main roads open.

A West Sussex Highways spokesman said:

“Precautionary salting operations will continue throughout the period and snow ploughs will be fitted when required to ensure main roads are kept open.

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“We are therefore advising Town and Parish Councils to be prepared to enact their Winter Management Plans IF and when we issue an instruction to do so.”

A further update will be issued later today.

The County Council’s winter campaign website page has several sections giving advice on ‘staying warm’ please click here.

If you know or look after someone who may be susceptible to the effects of this cold weather period, please help ensure they stay warm and well and check in advance that they are prepared for this cold spell.

WSCC have offered some general advice including:

• Stay tuned in to weather forecasts.
• Check and maintain daytime room temperatures of 21°C.
• Check bedroom night-time temperatures and maintain it at 18°C or warmer.
• Keep warm and active and, if you have to go out, dress warmly and wear non-slip shoes.
• If you are concerned about your own health or welfare, or that of others, please alert the emergency services – details: emergency services.

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