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Labour ‘just’ manages to hold onto control of Crawley

Just over a dozen votes was the deciding factor in one of the key wards that could have changed the councils leadership.



With the tiniest of margins Labour has managed to keep control of Crawley Borough Council.

In an election where only one third of registered voters took part there were anxious faces across the parties in what could have been a big upset for Labour.

The two wards that the Conservatives hoped would change overall control were Ifield and Southgate but whilst Labour managed to hold onto the council the results show a definite change in voting away from Labour.

In Southgate Labour won by only 13 votes showing a surge in voting for the Conservatives whilst in Ifield only 9 votes gave Labour the victory.

The full results can be viewed here.

But it was also close for the Conservatives in Furnace Green where they won by only 34.

Northgate, which has historically had a large Labour lead, had its majority slashed to only 99 votes and West Green was won by Labour with only a majority of 63.

Whilst Labour will be rejoicing over their continued control of the council there have already been whispers amongst the Tories that these results are a sign of changes ahead.

Before the election even began there was turmoil amongst all parties with concern that the national issues of their relevant parties could make a huge impact on voters decisions.

More news: “We are hugely grateful to the people of Crawley” – Peter Lamb, Leader of Crawley Borough Council

For now though the East/West divide on Crawley’s political map remains unchanged but it’s clear a lot still has to be done to gain voter confidence for either party across the town.

There are also questions being asked already about the very low 33% voter turn out and how that can be turned around.

If one thing has come out of this election it’s that politics can and IS exciting and everyone needs to keep a watchful eye over the next 12 months as anything could happen!


Crawley drug dealer jailed

Dealer gets four and half years in prison.



A man has been jailed for four and a half year for drug dealing and possession of knives and a CS canister in Crawley.

Michael Murray, 26, of no fixed address, had pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply cocaine, money laundering, possession of a CS canister and one count of possession of a bladed article at an earlier hearing on 26 March.

He was sentenced at Hove Crown Court on Friday (18 May).

The court heard that police were called to a hotel in Goffs Park Road, Crawley on 27 February this year to a report of an aggressive guest who was refusing to leave.

When the officers went into his hotel room they found Murray with drugs and a subsequent search of the room found an envelope containing several hundred wraps of cocaine with a street value of approximately £9,000, a quantity of cannabis, nearly £10,000 cash, drug dealing paraphernalia and a canister of CS gas.

Murray was arrested and later charged.

Detective Constable Melanie Fox said: “Murray was found with a substantial quantity of drugs, cash and weapons. We are committed to disrupting the supply of drugs in Crawley. This sentence shows that anyone convicted of dealing drugs in Sussex can expect a jail term.”

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