IKEA forces Crawley residents to continue assembling Lego

Runway Radio’s Breakfast host Ben Holland speaks out about the news that Ikea wont be coming to Crawley.  You can hear Ben every weekday morning from 6:30 -10am at www.runwayradio.co.uk

IKEA, the Swedish firm known for its ‘some-assembly-required’ style furniture, has decided to open a new store in Sussex, nearly 30 miles from Crawley.

This comes as a huge blow to many residents, who have being practicing their assembling skills on Lego for a number of years now. The news means those hoping to assemble something more ‘homely’, such as a chair or a wonderful new double kingsize bed, have to stick to building houses made of tiny little bricks.

Whilst Lego can fuel imagination and creativity, it does not provide suitable living conditions.

Stockholm, capital of Sweden, and the world's largest furniture store.
Stockholm, capital of Sweden, and the world’s largest furniture store.

Lego, a Danish company, have no plans to create bricks large enough to rival IKEA’s furniture range. This is due (I’m speculating here) to the fear that the proud Swedish will retaliate, seeing the move as an attack on IKEA, the heart and soul of Sweden. This is sad, as the ones who truly suffer, are the Great British public.

It is also confusing why IKEA won’t build a store closer to Crawley, considering how big the community is here, and how easy it is to construct one. IKEA stores come in 3 large boxes, and can be assembled within 3 days, if you carefully follow the instructions and don’t lose the tiny little screwdriver.

Perhaps one day, the Swedish and the Danish can walk hand-in-hand, and provide us with easy to assemble furniture at affordable prices together.

But till that day, it’s a 40 minute car journey down the A23 for the residents of Crawley.



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