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Henry Smith

Henry Smith: Our commitment to the environment

In his weekly article Henry talks about plastic waste and the environment.



This week saw further action as part of plans to secure a Green Brexit upon this country’s departure from the European Union.

A consultation has been published on the Environmental Principles & Governance Bill. The legislation will ensure environmental protections will not be weakened as we leave the EU, as well as establishing a world-leading body to hold government to account for environmental outcomes.

This organisation will support the commitment for us to be the first generation to leave our environment in a better state than that in which we inherited it. It will also provide scrutiny and advice on the protection of landscapes, wildlife and natural assets, and would be able to hold government accountable on environmental legislation. Anyone looking to have their say in this consultation can click here to take part. Crawley residents would be most welcome to copy me in on any submission.

Earlier this year, a ban on the manufacture of products containing plastic microbeads, which can do serious damage to marine life, came into force. As a result of UK action, manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care items will no longer be able to add these pieces of plastic to ‘rinse-off’ products such as shower gels and toothpastes. This is an issue I’ve raised previously with the Prime Minister in the House of Commons and I welcome the Government’s attention.

Recently, the Environment Secretary announced plans for a deposit return scheme to increase recycling rates and reduce the volumes of waste polluting our land and seas.

Of the 13 billion plastic drinks bottles used each year by UK consumers, more than three billion are incinerated, sent to landfill or left to pollute our streets, countryside and marine environment.

A further change which we’ve noticed when doing the weekly shop is the 5 pence plastic bag charge. The result of this has been 9 billion fewer plastic bags used since the charge was introduced in 2015. Marine life around our shores is safer and there are fewer plastic bags going into landfill sites.

As a result of UK leadership on the global stage, last month’s Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London saw countries from around the world join the UK-led Commonwealth Clean Oceans Alliance. This agreement is being backed up with a £61 million package of funding to boost global research and help prevent plastic waste from entering the oceans in the first place.

There’s more to be done and I’ll continue to pursue the concerns of Crawley residents with the Government.

Henry Smith MP
Crawley Constituency


Henry Smith MP: ‘When it comes to parking & litter Labour have really dropped the ball’

Crawley MP responds to concerns about local issues including parking.



It’s polling day and across Crawley people are voting for the councillors they feel will best represent their needs in the local council.

We caught up with Crawley MP Henry Smith as he joined the local conservative team on the streets encouraging people to place their vote.

Responding to recent opinions about some residents concerns, particularly with parking issues Mr Smith said:

“We want to ensure there are more parking spaces to reflect the reality that people have their own cars and to stop the grass verges being churned up and making the place unsightly.

The other thing I am also very concerned about since Labour took control of Crawley Borough Council in 2014 they haven’t issued a single litter penalty notice and yet if you walk around Crawley most people can sadly see the state of the borough and rubbish blowing around.

When it comes to parking and when it comes to parking enforcement and grass verges and litter and those sorts of issues those are very much Crawley Borough Councils responsibility and I hate to say it, but Labour have really dropped the ball on that during their time running the town hall in the last few years.”

Not sure who you are choosing from in this election?  Find out who the candidates are here.

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