What a flipping disaster! Our pick of pancake fails

It’s Shrove Tuesday and we think we can guess the number one thing on your to do list: ingest as much pancake batter mix as you possibly can (hopefully, after cooking it).

Along with anyone else who’s ever made pancakes, we’d also wager you’ve attempted the ‘harder than it looks’ pancake flip.  So if you’re spending the day trying to master your flipping technique then firstly, maybe get a hobby?  Then feast your eyes on these ‘flipping fails’ from those who fell flat after thinking they were the masters at tossing.

1. Short, sweet and unfortunate:


2. Don’t worry, even robots get it wrong sometimes:


3. Some people really need to invest in new pans.  Slow motion makes everything better:

So we’ve seen the contenders for the “World’s Worst Pancake Flip”, how about some epic pancake art?


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