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Five fire engines called to Gatwick hotel

Emergencies crews arrived quickly to the scene.



Guests and passersby were left worried this afternoon as five fire engines were called to the Travelodge Gatwick Airport.

Residents and staff reported seeing fire crew run round the building with hoses as staff ran through their fire drill procedures.

A full evacuation took place just after 4pm.

But luckily it appears whatever the problem was it was not serious as within 30 minutes the fire service was stood down and additional medical services left the scene.

A spokesperson from Travelodge said:

“We can confirm that West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service was called out to respond to an isolated incident that took place at Gatwick Airport Central Travelodge on Friday 6th July 2018. The hotel was evacuated, there were no casualties and the hotel is back to business as usual. We would like to sincerely apologise to our customers who were affected by this unfortunate incident.”


Bonfire ignites field in Horley



A small bonfire caused a field to catch fire this afternoon in Horley.

Surrey fire and rescue supported by crew from Salford’s attended the fire after it was was spotted from the main road.

Thick black smoke was seen crossing across Balcombe Rd and the fire service tweeted drivers to be aware and to drive slowly.

The fire was quickly extinguished and fire crews remained onsite to dampen down the burnt ashes.

Noone was hurt or affected by the fire which is thought to have been started by sparks from the bonfire.

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