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Debenhams reopens after quick evacuation in County Mall

County Mall shoppers were left confused after Debenhams was quickly evacuated.



Debenhams, County Mall

Shoppers were left confused after they were swiftly evacuated from Debenhams in Crawley’s County Mall.

Customers were evacuated at around 11am this morning (19 July) after ‘a sprinkler’ set off the alarms.

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Shoppers waited patiently outside the closed storefront for Debenhams to reopen – which it did at around 11.25am.

Customers outside Debenhams in County Mall, after being quickly evacuated.

During the incident security were unable to say what the cause of the evacuation was. It has now come to light that a sprinkler that went off it the basement at Debenhams caused the alarms to go off. Staff had no choice but to follow procedure and evacuate the premises.

One Twitter user posted, seemingly confused about the brief closure:

County Mall were quick to respond:

After a short wait, customers were able to resume their shopping at about 11.25am.

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Bus and car accident causes traffic mayhem on Woodfield Rd

Traffic is being diverted



Drivers are being asked to avoid Woodfield Rd in Northgate following a bad accident between a bus and a Toyota Rav4 this evening.

The collision occured as rush hour was coming an end.

An ambulance was dispatched to the scene and multiple police cars were in attendance diverting traffic around the scene.

The front side of the bus can be seen severly damaged and the whole front of the Toyota is crumpled in.

It is not yet known if anyone was hurt.

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