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Manor Royal

Cycle Route Improvements – Ifield Station to Metcalf Way



Improvements are being made to the cycle route that links Ifield Station with Metcalf Way in Manor Royal.  Crawley Borough Council, Manor Royal BID and Basepoint Business Centre are working together to fund and implement improvements to the cycle route.

The project will include the installation of new street lighting columns and improved street signage along the cycle route between Manor Royal and Ifield Station and the resurfacing of the stretch of path that links Langley Walk and Metcalf Way.

The street lighting has been specifically designed to light the cycle path without disturbing nearby properties. It will use micro luma lanterns, which are designed to ensure that light is directed down towards the cycle path, further reducing environmental impact. The lights will also make use of energy saving technology that will dim the lights between midnight and dawn.

The council has appointed two contractors to undertake the work. Colas will install the lights and Edburton will undertake the signage and resurfacing works. Work started 24 April and is expected to take up to six weeks to complete.

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Gatwick Diamond Business announce new Chief Executive

“Jeremy Taylor, leaves me with a hard act to follow”, says the newly appointed CE.



Gatwick Diamond Business have announced their new Chief Executive, who will take over from Jeremy Taylor – Mr Taylor spent 14 years in the organisation.

In a statement released yesterday, Gatwick Diamond Business said they’re ‘delighted’ to announce the appointment of their new Chief Executive, Jeff Alexander.

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Jeff has lived in the Gatwick Diamond for most of his working life and brings a background in economic development and business support.

He has the advantage of already having worked closely with businesses and partner organisations across the Gatwick Diamond.

“I know the previous Chief Executive, Jeremy Taylor, leaves me with a hard act to follow after 14 years heading gdb, but I also inherit a great team which includes the support and guidance of a highly-experienced and committed Executive Council which includes business leaders from across the Gatwick Diamond.”

Jeff continued, “No organisation can afford to stand still, and I look forward to working with the gdb team to build on their success and further develop our offer to our members and prospective new members. I think this is particularly important now given the need for business to respond to challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of us.

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“The Gatwick Diamond is one of the strongest local economies, not just in the region but in the UK. This is built on business investment and success. I am delighted to have the opportunity to work in support our businesses to help them flourish and grow the economy of an area to which I have strong personal and professional commitment.”

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