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Crest Nicholson promise to level pathway at Cheals roundabout after complaints

Residents have complained after some struggled with the uneven surface.



Anyone who has to drive past Cheals Roundabout will know the current misery caused by the roadworks.

Crest Nicholson is currently working on improving the traffic flow for the roundabout and while this work is carried out one of the pathways has been closed.

To allow access, a temporary path has been created – one which was agreed with West Sussex County Council and the on-site contractor, Breheny.

But residents have complained that this temporary pathway is causing problems due to its uneven stone surface.

Photos from the site show a gravel and stone layer lying on top of a textile base.  But entry onto the path and in several areas along it show how rough and degraded it has become already.

Wheelchair users and even a mobility scooter user has already commented how difficult they found it to use.

A spokesperson for Crest Nicholson said:

“We are currently working on improving the traffic flows on Cheals Roundabout. To facilitate this, we have installed a temporary path between Horsham Road and Crawley Avenue to ensure that access for pedestrians is not impeded during this time. The temporary path consists of a geotextile base with a stone surface. This specification was agreed with West Sussex County Council and our third party contractor, Breheny.

“The safety of all path users is very important to us and Breheny is monitoring the condition of the footpath daily. Further, it has been agreed that any uneven areas will be levelled off and that cyclist dismount signs will be erected at the path’s entrance.”

It was also pointed out to Crest Nicholson that the advertised phone number for anyone to call with concerns about the site did not seem to get any responses.

Crest Nicholson confirmed that the team at Breheny were receiving calls from the public on the number – something CN24 tried to confirm only to get an answer machine…


Snuggle up in style as Crawley Ice Rink launches new offers for parents and students

If you haven’t yet had a chance to get down to the Bigger and Better Crawley Ice Rink then now’s the time to do so with some fantastic new offers.



The ice rink, located in Goffs Park, is already attracting a lot of attention and rightly so.

With it’s huge rink and cosy café it is perfect for all the family.

The new large rink can accommodate more skaters than ever before.

And now they have some fantastic offers for parents.

During off peak days it is half price for parent and toddlers (provided they can fit into a size 8 boot of course).

What’s more, there are penguin and panda aids that can be rented to help the little ones around the rink.


But now students can get at the rink for only £4.75 at either the 12:30pm or the 1:45pm session (term time only) – but do remember to bring your student/college id with you.

And while the younger ones are out enjoying the ice, you can snuggle up in the café and choose one of their very scrumptious delights.

You can find out more information at their website by clicking here.

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