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Crawley pupils bring Hollywood sparkle to assembly

Year 5s at Milton Mount Primary sang “This is Me” from hit musical “The Greatest Showman” as part of a PSHE lesson all about resilience.



At Milton Mount, children are taught about the United Nation’s Convention of the Rights of the Child. They believe that it is important for the children to know their rights so that they can respect the rights of others and to empower them to take action to help respect the rights of children around the world.

As part of this, and through the teaching of the British Values, students are taught that it is important to respect other people’s beliefs and differences. It is also important for them to understand that no matter who you are, where you come from or what you look like you have the same rights as others and that nothing should stand in the way of pursuing your dreams.

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During a PSHE lesson on resilience, Year 5 teacher Libby Woodlock mentioned to her class that even celebrities have to be resilient and that Hugh Jackman had to work hard for seven years to get the hit movie, “The Greatest Showman” made: “This lead to one of the most heart-warming lessons of my career.”

“One of the children in my class who had seen the film said that each of the characters in the story had to be resilient because they didn’t look the same as everyone else. We then began discussing how important it is to be yourself. Each child has the right to believe what they want to believe and to have the same opportunities in life as everyone else, no matter what they look like.

“The children were appalled at the idea that people were denied the right to go to school or live a normal life just because they looked different, they were especially disgusted that people were treated differently just because of their skin colour. We continued to discuss how these issues have changed over time and how it is essential to love every aspect of yourself that makes you YOU!

“This half term, our PSHE focus is ‘Good to be me’. As part of this topic, I suggested to our wonderful music teacher, Anna Ryder, that it would be nice to sing ‘This is Me’ as it has an incredible message about self-worth and self-belief, characteristics we want all of our pupils to have in bucket loads.

“The children loved the song, and the message behind it, in fact they loved it so much that you can often hear it being sung in the playground and around the school. Miss Ryder and Mrs Ritchie did such an amazing job teaching the song to the children that the singing was just incredible, so much so that staff passing the hall would have to stop by during singing practice and listen. Therefore, we decided to share Key Stage Two’s beautiful singing with the parents by sharing it on our Twitter account.

“We have had so many wonderful messages from parents about the video and the children are over the moon with their performance. All of the staff at the school are exceptionally proud of each and every one of our pupils and are exceptionally pleased with the positive impact that this song has had on their self-belief and confidence.”

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Pupils freedom of choice branded ‘sexist’

A recent campaign by a local school has been branded as ‘sexist’ just for illustrating what some of their pupils interests are.



A recent advertising campaign by a local school has raised new serious questions after local press and politicians questioned whether it was being sexist.

The advert, which featured pupils at the establishment, had job titles associated with them that were the pupils own personal choices of jobs they aspired towards.

But some people didn’t see it this way, noticing that on one advert where the boy had one of his choices as a politician, the girl had writer.

Pupils were featured with their own choices of careers they had interests in.

Scandalous? Err why?

In this day and age it appears that on the one hand we lament things that appear to be degrading yet on the other celebrate peoples right for personal choice.

A local paper ravaged the adverts by making out the school was being sexist before finally getting a response back that explained these were the pupils own choices.

But it also begs the question what makes a politician a better job than a writer or an actor or a singer or a ….. you get the point.

Since when did we take to the streets degrading each others jobs?

Perhaps before everyone started complaining they should look at why people choose what they do as their career choices before screaming words such as ‘sexist’ and publishing clear ‘clickbait’ articles.

After all, are we not supposed to inspire young people that they can choose to be whatever they want to be?

So hats off to Ardingly College for publicly showing that their students are supported in whatever path they wish to take.

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