Crawley Police tweet baffles local and national press

Social media can be a wonderful thing, keeping us all updated with the latest information and news.

But sometimes it can be very cryptic and somewhat baffling.  Take this tweet from Crawley Police the other day:

Straight after it was tweeted both local and national media organisations started to wonder what had happened.

Must have been so serious if EVERY officer had been called.

One Crawley paper even went so far as to post it as a story without question the legitimacy of the facts.

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Even the national press had picked up on it and put in calls to the Police Media department, who couldn’t work out what it was about at all.

Had some massive incident occurred that every had missed?  No wonder every press agency was after the story.

After some investigation however, Crawley News 24 was able to track down the right people within the force and the true understanding of what had happened that night came to light.

This is the official response from the Police:

At 2.42am on Tuesday (August 8), police were alerted to a suspected break-in at garages in Slinfold Walk, Crawley. Three men had been disturbed at 2.15am by a man who reported that the garages were insecure, but he didn’t believe anything had been taken.

Because of similar reports over the past few days, police were concentrating on the area and a dog unit was also being used to try to apprehend the suspects.

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At 3.15am, three men were reported to be breaking in to more garages in Lavington Close, Crawley. All available Crawley units at that time, four in total, were quickly on the scene and three men ran from the area. With the assistance of the dog unit they were swiftly caught and arrested.

A 25-year-old man and two 19-year-old men, all from Crawley, were arrested on suspicion of burglary other than dwelling with intent to steal. They were released under investigation.

So despite the over-enthusiastic Tweet by Crawley Police infact NOT every unit active in Crawley at the time was deployed to the scene, just every available unit as a number of others were committed on other incidents in the town.

A little baffling BUT it goes to show that not all press just jump straight in without properly investigating.

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