Crawley MP Henry Smith pledges to reduce his use of plastics for lent

Crawley’s MP, Henry Smith has joined parliamentary colleagues from across the country in a pledge to Give Up Plastic for Lent.

The MPs have agreed to take part in different challenges to reduce their own use of plastics during the 40 days before Easter.

Henry said:

“We can all play a part to help the environment, and I hope people in Crawley will join me in doing their bit to reduce plastic waste.

“It’s not always easy but I’ll stop using disposable plastic – like coffee cups, water bottles and sandwich packets – for lunch and will try to continue after Easter.

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“From using a reusable ‘bag for life’ at the supermarket, to avoiding products which come wrapped in excessive packaging, we can all help to make a difference.

“Recently I spoke in the House of Commons about the importance of facilities such as water refilling points in public places, particularly at airports where large numbers of people assemble.

“I’ve received assurances from Gatwick regarding the water fountains they have after security for passengers, as well as the wider approaches they’re taking to be the UK’s most sustainable airport.”

The MPs also intend to be on the lookout for products which they consider are ‘overly packaged’ and will encourage supermarkets and producers to reduce packaging. They will be sharing their experiences using social media using the campaign slogan #GiveUpPlasticForLent.

Not all alternatives to plastics are necessarily more friendly to the environment. The MPs hope that those who take part in the #GiveUpPlasticForLent challenge will also be able to increase understanding of the environmental benefits of different consumer choices.

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