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Henry Smith

Crawley MP celebrates 70 year partnership between Macmillan & NHS

Henry Smith MP is the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blood Cancer and says he’s been ‘struck by the stories I’ve heard from blood cancer patients about the important support that Macmillan provide’.



Henry Smith MP speaking in the Westminster Hall debate he secured and led on NHS blood cancer care on 17th January 2018.

Henry Smith MP showed his support for the ongoing partnership between Macmillan Cancer Support and the NHS by attending a reception held by Macmillan at Speaker’s House in the Palace of Westminster.

The reception provided a unique opportunity to mark the 70th birthday of the National Health Service and celebrate Macmillan’s role in supporting the NHS throughout its history.

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The reception brought together parliamentarians, health and care professionals, people living with cancer and cancer charities not only to celebrate the NHS turning 70, but also to discuss the future challenges facing the health service.

Henry said:

“70 years of the NHS is a significant and historic milestone. I was delighted to attend Macmillan’s event, which presented us with an opportunity both to reflect on the amazing work that the NHS does and celebrate the momentous and successful partnership between Macmillan and the NHS.

“Joining these celebrations and being able to share Macmillan’s birthday message was important, but what was significant was the opportunity to speak about the challenges which lie ahead for the NHS and how best to deal with them.

“As Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blood Cancer I’ve been struck by the stories I’ve heard from blood cancer patients about the important support that Macmillan provide.

“This is a watershed moment for our NHS and for the future of cancer care across the UK. Announcing additional funding is a step in the right direction, but what is so important is using the resources available in the most effective way. The Government should work closely with Macmillan to help create a health system able to effectively support people living with cancer at the time they most need it.”

Macmillan’s reception offered an opportunity to discuss the way in which the Government’s new long-term funding settlement for the NHS can be implemented to future-proof cancer care for the millions of people living with the disease, who urgently deserve improved emotional and practical support to live life as fully as they can.

Henry Smith

Crawley MP Henry Smith joins other Conservatives in a show of ‘no confidence’ in Theresa May

It was always going to be a crazy day in politics but now Crawley’s own MP has added his own feelings into the mix.



Whether you are a brexiteer or a remainer one thing that unites everyone today is the fascination of what is happening up at Westminster.

Following last nights release of the 500 page draft withdrawal agreement, the political world has been in turmoil as resignations, letters of no confidence and more outspoken politicians than ever before hit the broadcasters teleprompters.

Now Crawley’s own MP Henry Smith has joined other conservatives like Jacob Rees-Mogg in submitting a letter of no confidence in their leader Theresa May.

Speaking publicly on social media this morning Mr Smith said:

“I work for my constituents and country, on reading the document, Theresa May’s Brexit strategy works for neither. A majority voted to leave the EU, this deal on offer does in name only by maintaining the bloc’s jurisdiction, limiting our global scope and theatening UK integrity.

Despite the establishment’s might, project fear and over twice as much spent by Remain, a largest majority ever in UK poll history voted for Brexit (58% in #Crawley). Along with 588 MPs sitting today, I stood at the last election on a manifesto promise to respect the referendum.

Listening to the Prime Minister’s statement on her Brexit deal. One Labour MP characterised the 17.4 million of Briton’s who voted to leave the EU as extremists. It’s clear many in the Opposition want to reverse the referendum, with a few honourable exceptions.”

At time of publication there had been four resignations and only time will tell if that number increases.

Stay tuned, this is going to be a bumpy ride for all.

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