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Henry Smith

Crawley MP backs ‘Forever Against Animal Testing’ campaign

Henry Smith MP has shown his support for the Forever Against Animal Testing campaign and visited The Body Shop in Crawley to thank them for their contribution.



Henry Smith MP has hailed the contribution of The Body Shop in securing nearly six million signatures for the Forever Against Animal Testing campaign and has visited their store in Crawley town centre to sign the petition himself.

The campaign is run in conjunction with Cruelty Free International, and seeks to reach eight million signatures in support of a worldwide ban on animal testing for cosmetics products, to be presented to the United Nations later this year.

Henry said:

“‪My thanks to Body Shop staff in Crawley for helping gather near to six million signatures worldwide for the Forever Against Animal Testing campaign!

“As one of Sussex’s most well-known and ethical companies we can be proud of our local connection to such a worthy cause.

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“Earlier this year I was delighted to host Cruelty Free International for a parliamentary event seeking to raise further awareness about this important issue. I’m grateful for their continued efforts and for the campaigning of Crawley residents who are passionate about animal welfare.”

Henry Smith took part in an adjournment debate yesterday evening (13 June) in the House of Commons on a proposed foie gras import ban. Although the production of foie gras in the UK is banned, Henry is calling for an end to imports of it which, he says, is ‘only possible once the UK has left the EU’s single market.’

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Henry Smith

Henry Smith MP: Making sure tips go to the right place

In his article this week Crawley MP Henry Smith welcomes changes to how tips are handled.



With Crawley’s thriving service industry, the Prime Minister’s recent announcement of plans to stop employers making deductions from workers’ tips will make a difference to many in our town.

When leaving a tip after good service at a restaurant, we expect that all the extra money will go to those who provided that good experience. The reality is sometimes different, with some restaurant chains taking up to 10 per cent of staff tips.

Government proposals in this area will see a pay boost for workers and provide a more honest arrangement for the consumers who leave tips.

This is an issue highlighted earlier in the year by Unite the Union, who previously condemned the last Labour government over its lack of action on the subject.

While ministers previously announced plans to tackle exploitative practices by banning or restricting employers taking tips that are given to staff and making a voluntary code of practice for employers legally binding, this week’s announcement goes further and will protect workers from employers taking deductions from their tips.

Such measures will provide a fairer deal for staff, and give confidence to customers who will know where their money is going.

Henry Smith MP

Crawley Constituency

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