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Crawley man’s mission to stand

The Goode family are over two thirds of the way towards raising funds for something life-changing.



A Crawley family are raising funds for Martin Goode, a dad who hasn’t been able to stand in 5 years because of multiple sclerosis (MS).

The Goode family are over two-thirds of the way towards raising the £12,000 needed to purchase a standing wheelchair.

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Martin’s daughter, Natalie said: “He hasn’t been able to stand up for 5 years, with this he can see the world from his 6ft4 height and have the freedom to essentially walk around!”

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease which affects the nervous system. It creates problems with balance, mobility, fine motor skills, speech, eating, breathing, and problems carrying out normal day to day activities and independence.

Martin has had MS for 11 years, but in recent years has been confined to a wheelchair permanently. He now needs manual handling and hoisting just to get out of bed or into a chair etc. This has a huge impact on his freedom and independence.

Natalie said:

“We only started fundraising a week ago and the support from the local community as well as friends and family has been incredible.

“My dad grew up in Croydon & now lives in Crawley. He has done a lot for the community in Crawley, such as being chairman of the MS society Crawley branch, being involved in the councils town access group, and the treasurer of “Openfields” – a disability social group in Crawley.

“People from Crawley and further out have clubbed together to help out, including a bake sale in Langley green, Crawley on Saturday just gone.”

Natalie says the chair will mean huge changes. Martin will be able to stand up and talk to people at eye level. “He can drive the chair whilst standing and essentially walk,” says Natalie.

“In his current chair he can’t reach anything at home and can really only access the lounge and his bedroom; when we are all out at work he is stuck in the same place in the house all day.

“In this standing chair he can go to the kitchen, make himself food, go to any room in the house. When out he can stand up and have a beer with his pals, see above people’s heads (he is tall as I said). He can stand up and cheer for the Arsenal at the emirates. He could walk me down the aisle on my (hypothetical future…) wedding day!”

The standing chair also has a lying down function. This would allow Martin to lie down whenever he wants without having to wait to be hoisted into bed, or sleeping uncomfortably in a seated position.

Natalie added:

“The health benefits will be huge! Problems around breathing, eating, talking, even fine motor skills all come from being sat at a 90 degree angle all the time with no circulation going through his body. When Dad tried out this new chair, he said he could feel his legs stretching! He normally can’t feel his legs. It’s just incredible!”

If you want to support the Goode family’s cause, go to the JustGiving page:

You can also check out the dedicated Facebook page:


Crawley’s Community Wardens earn RSPCA award

Community Wardens in Crawley have once again been recognised for their ‘exceptional animal welfare work’.



Crawley Borough Council’s Community Wardens have scooped up the RSPCA’s Gold Stray Dog Footprint for the tenth year in a row.

The award recognises the wardens’ constant dedication to keeping local dogs safe, ensuring they receive the best possible care from start to finish, including kennelling, rehoming and emergency treatment.

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In acknowledgment of the PawPrint Award’s 10th anniversary and the Community Wardens’ decade of commitment to animal welfare, they have subsequently achieved the Platinum Stray Dog Footprint.

The Community Wardens Service has dealt with 72 stray dogs from January to August; five dogs were handed over to rehoming organisations and the rest went back to their owners. In addition to this, they were able to reunite a stolen dog with his family after two months away from home.

Councillor Geraint Thomas, Cabinet member for Environmental Services, said: “I’m so pleased that our Community Wardens have been recognised yet again for their exceptional animal welfare work. Their passion to keep dogs in Crawley safe is commendable.

“To continue to keep dogs safe, remember to microchip your pup. Not only is it the law but it’s crucial for good dog welfare and provides you with peace of mind.”

If you come across a lost dog and are unable to return them directly to their owner, contact the Community Wardens straight away on 07884 492324 and they will arrange to collect the dog from you, after investigating ownership.

If you find a dog between 9.30pm and 8am, call 07831 553906. The finder of a stray dog is required by law to return the dog to its owner or contact the local authority for the area in which the dog was found.

For advice and information on lost and found dogs, click here.

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