Crawley Council Leader calls on Secretary of State to fund Crawley’s NHS

Peter Lamb, Labour Leader of Crawley Borough Council, is calling upon Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary of State for Heath, to provide NHS Crawley’s Clinical Commissioning Group with the funding it needs to move out of Special Measures.

Last year, Crawley’s Clinical Commissioning Group, which funds NHS treatment for residents in the town, became the latest CGG to be put into ‘Special Measures’ as a result of their centrally-allocated funding no longer covering the cost of meeting residents’ medical needs.

Crawley CCG are now required to construct a Financial Recovery Plan, outlining how spending on the town’s healthcare will be brought into line with their allocated funding. No clear information is available on just how this will be achieved, but the scale of the gap has led to concerns that it may require the rationing of treatment or changes to the level of medical severity required for patients to access some services.

A petition started by Cllr Lamb on the 2nd January as part of his campaign to secure the funding for Crawley CCG has reached almost 5,000 signatures and he has urged everyone concerned about the future of healthcare in the town to show their support.

Cllr Peter Lamb, Labour Leader of Crawley Borough Council, said:

“People have a right to know that when they’re in medical need the treatment they will be offered is the one best suited to their medical needs and not just the best the NHS can afford right now.

“The number of CCGs now in financial Special Measures highlights that this isn’t an issue of local mismanagement, but a national crisis in NHS funding. To avoid this crisis turning into a catastrophe, every resident needs to use their voice to demand the Secretary of State wakes up and delivers the funding Crawley’s NHS needs to keep people safe and healthy.”

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  1. Well Mr Lamb, you said what the NHS can afford, look at what, mark said about the NHS being a political foot ball, and read my reply, but you can have my idea,
    years ago when the NHS was introduced , how meny cars were on the road, well?
    Not as many as today. In a conversation I was having with a fellow motorcyclist , one of his friends failed to get insurance for his hols in the USA . And he came off and broke his arm, the bill for that was $9.000.
    So why not make it compulsory for all car drivers to have insurance to cover there medical costs , so the NHS does not have to foot the bill, which cost them millions each year, and they are not very good at recovering the money from insurance company . As there is no law that says you have to have a car. And that goes for any other thing that people do. Knowing that they will sustain injury that will cost the NHS money to fix them up.

    So that will leave more money for hip replacements live , kidney, eye , and a hole lot more. How cool is that.


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