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Commuters furious with Crawley Avenue queue-jumpers

Drivers in Crawley have been left a little hot under the collar as queue-jumping ‘p#@’s off a lot of people’ on Crawley Avenue.



Applegreen Service Station, Crawley Avenue

Pushing into a queue or ‘queue-jumping’ is often found topping the list of “most annoying things”,  whenever such surveys are conducted.

And now, it’s Crawley residents who have been left experiencing this infuriating source of annoyance on their journeys home during rush hour.

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Commuters driving past the Applegreen Service Station on Crawley Avenue have expressed their concerns and frustrations as many people are using the garage to cut through traffic during rush hour.

The petrol station is located just a few hundred meters before Cheals Roundabout. Anyone wishing to turn right onto Horsham Road has to exit the garage and change lanes fairly quickly before the junction and this can cause some problems at times when the roads are at their busiest.


This was just before midday on a Monday but some still find it tricky to merge into the traffic and change lanes in time for the roundabout.

“it p#@’s off a lot of people as they rush through without any care for anyone”

Tracey, who works in Manor Royal and passes by on her way home every day, said:

“It’s mad in rush hour. They drive so fast through the garage and then bully others to let them in. Very frustrating to motorists who wait patiently and there is going to be an accident soon.”

There may be a speed bump on the way out of the garage, but this doesn’t stop drivers cutting in front during rush hour.

But is there a genuine cause for concern here? Or are people just getting hot under the collar for no reason?

Another commuter, Gareth from Tilgate said:

“I hate long queues like anyone else but come-on, it only saves you a couple hundred feet and it p#@’s off a lot of people as they rush through without any care for anyone and I’ve even see it cause another queue of traffic through the garage.”

Have you been stuck in this traffic jam before?  Do you get just as frustrated?  Let us know.

Applegreen Service Station declined to comment.


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Crawley School raises an incredible £13,250 for local charity

Oriel High School students raised the huge sum through a charity walk.



Oriel High School students chose The Olive Tree Cancer Support Centre which is attached to Crawley Hospital as their chosen charity for their sponsored walk this year.

The students managed to raise an astounding £13,250.

Alyson Smith, Fundraising manager for Olive Tree Cancer Support was presented with a cheque with more money still coming in.

Alyson said:

“As a small charity this is such amazing news to us. The Olive Tree Cancer Support Centre is a small, independent charity based in Crawley which has provided free support, advice, friendship and therapies to thousands of people in the local area and is a hugely valuable and much appreciated resource.

The Olive Tree, which began as a small cancer support group over 21 years ago in Crawley, provides a haven: somewhere to go and be with people who understand and can help. Our team of 85 volunteers offers free information, advice and therapeutic care to support all those affected by cancer from the point of diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. The Olive Tree supports the friends, families and carers as well as the individual experiencing cancer.”

The charity offer complementary and emotional support therapies. They say the complementary therapies can help to reduce stress, alleviate the side effects of cancer treatments and enhance feelings of well-being. They also offer acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, craniosacral therapy and Reiki.

Their emotional support is offered through counselling, art counselling, coaching, hypnotherapy and mindfulness workshops and they also run several support groups, which provide an informal environment for people to come together and support.

The charity also point out that their range of services is continually evolving and currently includes yoga, singing workshops, and a wig scheme.

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