Chaos at Gatwick following airplanes burst tyre on runway

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Earlier today an Air Canada flight was forced to return to Gatwick when it experienced a burst tyre on take-off.

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Gatwick earlier closed the runway to allow a full inspection to take place putting the back-up runway into operation.  The main runway is now operational but delays are occurring.

The Air Canada flight returned back to Gatwick where passengers were then disembarked.

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Passengers then had to wait while staff informed them hotels would be made available.

Photo courtesy of @glyn_dk

The latest information from the airport for all passengers is to check with their airline as to the current situation as delays are being reported across the airlines.

The damaged tyre of the flight can be clearly seen in this photo taken be one of the passengers.

Photo courtesy of @glyn_dk

Video shows appears to show Gatwick staff trying to sort out the runway.

Twitter has been awash with passengers stuck on flights unable to leave.  Some flights have been diverted to other airports and these have also resulted in passengers unable to get food while they waited on the tarmac.

But the delays have caused chaos at the airport with so many people waiting for information on their flights.

Despite the delays passengers were still let into the terminals which caused even more problems.

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Even the information desk at the airport was brought to an almost standstill.

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The latest statement from Gatwick reads:

Flights at Gatwick are severely disrupted following an incident involving an Air Canada Rouge flight to Toronto, which returned safely to Gatwick after experiencing a burst tyre on take-off.

There will be delays and cancellations across the rest of the day and we apologise for the inconvenience this will cause to passengers. Passengers should check with their airline before travelling to the airport for information about their specific flight.

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