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Care UK offer job opportunities to Sussex people



Care UK, one of the UK’s largest independent providers of care have opened a whole new range of job opportunities to people in the Sussex area.

For some, starting a career in Care can be daunting. Especially working for a Care Agency. It’s a minefield of sending off CV’s, arranging interviews, waiting for phone calls, only to be told there is another interview to attend.

Working for Care UK is completely different. You are immediately welcomed as part of a team that really wants to nurture your career in care. Our Carers are offered the stability of a permanent job, giving them complete peace of mind – not to mention a full induction once you start work, plus a whole range of in-work benefits including; childcare vouchers, sick pay, holiday pay, a pension scheme and, numerous staff discounts.

Care UK have one objective only, to provide the best Carers to their range of homes whilst also ensuring they are offering the best job packages.

Now, with Care work opportunities in 2 homes, one in Copthorne, and another in East Grinstead, the opportunities to start working locally, are available for everyone.


People can forget that being a Care Assistant is more than just a job, it is a career – and one that is beyond reproach.  The responsibilities are massive, but the rewards are completely immeasurable.

Why? Simple.  Family is the most important part of our lives.  Without family we are alone.  Without family we are lost.  So, what happens when your family gets older and needs help?  We cannot always be there as much as we want so we need to know that there are others who can take care of our family and not just help but, make them feel part of it.

Now imagine working in a loving, caring ‘family’ every day and you will start to understand just how unique and rewarding care work really is.

So much attention is given to healthcare workers, particularly in the national press and directed at NHS workers, that often, other Care Assistants are overlooked – and the hard work and dedication that they put in is almost forgotten. Care UK understands this and recognises its staff with its GEMS Employee Awards scheme plus also offers those who want it, fast track internal promotions plus lots of ongoing support for all Carers, through their training and professional development.

But if there is one bit of evidence that what Care workers do, really is beneficial and rewarding, it is the smiles on the faces of the residents they look after. After all, they are the ‘real’ clients.

If you are interested in having a Care career that has rewards as fulfilling as this, then just fill out the contact form below and send us your CV if you have one.

Or, you can email us directly:  

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Over half of diabetics have been treated for mental health problems, says new study

Diabetes week runs from 11th – 17th June. It aims to encourage people to come together to share stories about, and raise awareness of, diabetes.



An independent study of people living with type 1 and 2 diabetes, by Censuswide, commissioned by Ieso Digital Health, the UK’s leading provider of online therapy highlights the scale of mental health problems affecting those living with this chronic condition.

This study, compiled by Ieso Digital Health, the UK’s largest provider of online CBT, shows that people living with diabetes are more likely to experience mental health problems compared with the general population.

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About one in four adults in the UK will suffer from a mental health condition each year ii; however, the Ieso study found that over half of patients with diabetes (51%) have sought treatment for stress, anxiety, depression or other mental health problems. Three quarters (75%) of young adults (16-34) believe their mental health has been negatively affected by their diabetes.

According to Sarah Bateup, Chief Clinical Officer, Ieso Digital Health:

“Mental health should be considered an integral part of on-going diabetes care. We need to ensure a multifaceted approach including comprehensive assessment for mental health problems, educating patients to recognise stress and mental health problems and encouraging self‐care.

Providing effective mental health interventions such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can help patients to address the emotional and behavioural aspects of living with a life-long condition such as diabetes.”

Mental health issues can make it more difficult for diabetes sufferers to alter their diet and lifestyle to comply with medical treatment programmes.

Mental health issues linked to diabetes include feelings of loss, stress, anger, panic attacks, mood disorders, depression, anxiety and eating disorders. A depressed person is less likely to adhere to their diabetes medication or monitoring regimens which are necessary for effective management of diabetes, resulting in poor glycaemic control. Phobic symptoms or anxieties related to self-injection of insulin and self-monitoring of blood glucose are common, resulting in further emotional distress. Stress and depression are known to elevate blood glucose levels, even if medication is taken regularly iv.

Around 700 people get diagnosed with diabetes every day in the UK. That’s the equivalent of one person every two minutes.

Diagnosed with diabetes? Call to treat the whole patient, not just the physical symptoms.

Almost half (46%) of people believe that better awareness would help detect stress and mental health issues, while 43% think discussions of mental health within diabetes-specific appointments would help and that clearer advice from medical bodies would help.

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