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Care UK offer job opportunities to Sussex people



Care UK, one of the UK’s largest independent providers of care have opened a whole new range of job opportunities to people in the Sussex area.

For some, starting a career in Care can be daunting. Especially working for a Care Agency. It’s a minefield of sending off CV’s, arranging interviews, waiting for phone calls, only to be told there is another interview to attend.

Working for Care UK is completely different. You are immediately welcomed as part of a team that really wants to nurture your career in care. Our Carers are offered the stability of a permanent job, giving them complete peace of mind – not to mention a full induction once you start work, plus a whole range of in-work benefits including; childcare vouchers, sick pay, holiday pay, a pension scheme and, numerous staff discounts.

Care UK have one objective only, to provide the best Carers to their range of homes whilst also ensuring they are offering the best job packages.

Now, with Care work opportunities in 2 homes, one in Copthorne, and another in East Grinstead, the opportunities to start working locally, are available for everyone.


People can forget that being a Care Assistant is more than just a job, it is a career – and one that is beyond reproach.  The responsibilities are massive, but the rewards are completely immeasurable.

Why? Simple.  Family is the most important part of our lives.  Without family we are alone.  Without family we are lost.  So, what happens when your family gets older and needs help?  We cannot always be there as much as we want so we need to know that there are others who can take care of our family and not just help but, make them feel part of it.

Now imagine working in a loving, caring ‘family’ every day and you will start to understand just how unique and rewarding care work really is.

So much attention is given to healthcare workers, particularly in the national press and directed at NHS workers, that often, other Care Assistants are overlooked – and the hard work and dedication that they put in is almost forgotten. Care UK understands this and recognises its staff with its GEMS Employee Awards scheme plus also offers those who want it, fast track internal promotions plus lots of ongoing support for all Carers, through their training and professional development.

But if there is one bit of evidence that what Care workers do, really is beneficial and rewarding, it is the smiles on the faces of the residents they look after. After all, they are the ‘real’ clients.

If you are interested in having a Care career that has rewards as fulfilling as this, then just fill out the contact form below and send us your CV if you have one.

Or, you can email us directly:  

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Crawley residents urged to snap out of winter blues

Statistics from the British Heart Foundation indicate 7/10 residents spend a maximum of two hours outdoors in an average working day.



The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is urging people in Crawley to snap out of their winter blues, as new figures show that seven out of ten people are holed up indoors, spending a maximum of two hours outdoors in an average working day.

With spring looming, the heart research charity has released the statistics to encourage people to get outdoors by signing up to its iconic London to Brighton bike ride on Sunday 17 June.

More news: Crawley garden centre asks residents to ‘Name the Rose’

The BHF discovered that over a quarter (26%) of residents don’t leave the office at all for at least four days a week and seven out of ten (71%) spend a maximum of two hours outdoors in an average working day.

Instead, people in the South East have stayed inside, with half (49%) owning up to having stayed in their pyjamas all day and under half (46%) changing from work attire to pyjamas the moment they walk through the door. Over two fifths (42%) have also confessed to flaking on friends and family and cancelling plans to relax at home. Around a third (33%) have admitted to getting a takeaway because it was too cold to go to the shops and a fifth (22%) have failed to go to the gym, on a run or cycle ride because it’s too cold. Specifically, people from Brighton are most likely to have skipped the gym, run or cycle ride, to go home and relax of any major city in the UK, with a third admitting to doing this in the past (31%).

“this is the perfect time to saddle up and embrace the outdoors”

Across the UK, women are more likely to take cover in the winter months. Women are twice as likely than men to have stayed in pyjamas from the moment they wake up to when they go to bed (55% vs 27%) and are almost twice as likely to change into them as soon as they get home from work (54% vs 23%). Half of women (49%) also confessed to cancelling on a social activity to stay at home and unwind.

But people in the region are concerned about how much time they are spending inside at work and home, with two thirds (63%) of residents worried that they are not getting enough fresh air and sunlight in the average working week. The BHF wants to start a spring awakening by encouraging everyone to get in the great outdoors and take on its flagship event, the London to Brighton Bike Ride, and join the fight against heart disease.

Elizabeth Tack, Event Lead for the BHF’s London to Brighton Bike Ride, said:

“We are all guilty of going into hibernation mode during the winter months, but now as the days are getting longer and the mercury levels rise, this is the perfect time to saddle up and embrace the outdoors.

“Our London to Brighton Bike Ride is a great goal to work towards as an individual or team and you can fit your training around your schedule. Whether you choose to commute into work by bike or pedal miles through the city, coast or countryside at the weekend, step away from your four walls and explore the great outdoors. With 940,000 people living with heart and circulatory disease in South East, every pound you raise will help make a difference to millions.”

The BHF’s London to Brighton Bike Ride has taken place for over 40 years and is Europe’s oldest charity cycling event. It’s a fantastic chance for families, friends and colleagues to enjoy a fun-filled day out, cycling through some of the UK’s most stunning sceneries. It’s not a race – it’s a ride for the fast and the fall behinds, the solo riders and the team players. This year’s event is sponsored by Jaffa® Fruit and will take place on Sunday 17 June.

By taking part in the London to Brighton Bike Ride you will help power ground-breaking research to bring new hope to the seven million people living with heart and circulatory disease in the UK.
To sign up for this year’s London to Brighton Bike Ride, visit

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