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Brighton Pride parade led by Gatwick Airport for 2nd year in a row

150 members of Gatwick staff joined the airport’s branded bus to lead the parade at the UK’s biggest Pride event which more than 300,000 people participated in.



London Gatwick led the Community Parade at Brighton Pride festival over the weekend, as more than 300,000 people participated in the city-wide celebration of diversity in the community.

For the second year in a row as a sponsor of the event’s Community Parade, Gatwick’s branded bus led the parade through the city alongside 150 members of staff from the airport.

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The LGBTQ+ community event has become the UK’s biggest Pride festival and the theme this year was ‘Colour My World’. It celebrated the 40th anniversary of the rainbow flag’s original eight colours of pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, representing: sexuality, life, healing, sun, nature, art, harmony and spirit.

As the number of international visitors to Brighton Pride has continued to grow over recent years, so too has Gatwick’s long haul route network, which currently provides 67 long haul routes to and from countries as diverse as China, the USA, Argentina, Canada, South Africa, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Brighton Pride is also just one of a wide variety of local events Gatwick has sponsored this summer, having also partnered with: the Brighton Marathon Weekend, The Big Bang STEM Fair in Ardingly, Crawley High Street Live, Horley Carnival and Gatton Park Fair.

Gatwick also demonstrated its support for Pride by changing the profile images across all of its widely followed social media channels, to reflect the Pride Rainbow flag.

Gatwick Airport’s Head of Community Engagement, Alison Addy, said:

“Gatwick enjoys close links with the Brighton community and as one of the largest employers in the region we are excited to celebrate the diversity that reflects our workforce and our local community. 

As an organisation Pride plays an important role bringing together both the local community and the wider LGBTQ+ community and we are proud that it forms such a prominent part in Gatwick’s community engagement programme.” 


Whiteboards out at Gatwick as digital screens go down

Passengers huddle around large white boards as staff frantically try to keep them informed.



Photo by Edmund von der Burg @evdb

Gatwick has had to take to writing flight information on whiteboards as their digital screens went down due to a technical issue.

The issue had occurred with the boards IT provider Vodafone.

Photo by @GinaMurrin

A spokesperson for Gatwick Airport said:

“Due to an ongoing issue with Vodafone, a provider of IT services for Gatwick, flight information is not being displayed correctly on the airports digital screens and is currently being displayed manually in the terminals. 

Gatwick would like to apologise to any passengers affected and expect Vodafone to resolve the issue as soon as possible.”

Gatwick added that this is only affecting a small number of flights in and out.

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Vodafone say the problems are down to a ‘damaged fibre cable’.

A spokesperson for Vodafone said:

“We have identified a damaged fibre cable which is used by Gatwick Airport to display flight information.

“Our engineers are working hard to fix the cable as quickly as possible. This is a top priority for us and we are very sorry for any problems caused by this issue. We are keeping Gatwick Airport constantly informed of progress.”

There are lots of staff are in the terminal working with passengers keeping them informed and lots of tanoy announcements.

But whilst many stories are reporting suggested chaos, passengers in the terminal are saying the situation is not that bad:

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