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Bridgeham helps clients increase bone strength with “Buff Bones” class

Do you or does someone you know struggle with osteoporosis? Did you know there are things that can be done to ease pain and strengthen joints and bones?



Osteoporosis is a common condition where bones lose their strength, becoming more likely to break following minor bumps or fall.

Bone strength is determined by its density; this is how closely knit the bone tissue is. If there is loss of density (more space between in the bone tissue) the bone becomes fragile and more prone to fractures.

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Losing bone density is a normal part of the ageing process, but some people lose bone density much faster than normal. Having a DEXA scan can establish whether your bones are normal, osteopenic or osteoporotic.

The fractures that result from osteoporosis can be enormously painful in themselves. In many cases the fracture goes misdiagnosed or undiagnosed prolonging the pain. In addition, the resultant the loss of mobility following a fracture be extremely debilitating, especially for elderly people.

How can Bridgeham help?

For those suffering with pain related to osteoporotic fracture, osteopaths experience in musculoskeletal pain means they are often the most experienced at identifying the difference between fracture pain and other joint, muscle and tendon related pain. This fast and effective diagnosis is essential for treatment and preventing further fracture.

However, it’s not just osteopathy that can help with osteoporosis. Pilates can be hugely beneficial in improving and maintaining movement as well as helping to build strength and stability around the joints.

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We can offer 1:1 sessions in our Machine Studio to give you the focused guidance and confidence you need. We also offer a specific Pilates mat class called ‘Buff Bones’ for anyone with osteopenia or osteoporosis.

‘Buff Bones’ Pilates is a class for all but safe for those with osteoporosis and back problems – a fantastic rehab class to gain or regain confidence in movement, a perfect way to manage injury recovery.

The class is a medically-endorsed, full body workout for bone strengthening and balance. It integrates Pilates, strength training, functional movement and rehabilitative exercise to improve the health and longevity of your bones and joints. It’s adaptable to varying levels and is safe for those with osteoporosis and osteopenia, disc injury/recovery and hip or knee issues.

It is still a really challenging class!


“Pilates at Bridgeham has been a real life-saver. Since being diagnosed with osteoporosis I thought my active days were over, oh how wrong I was! Thank you so much Jo and the Bridgeham team for keeping me fit and active into my 70’S!” -Mrs B

Health & Wellbeing

Crawley vegan loses over 4 stone after joining Broadfield Weight Watchers

After deciding enough is enough, Geri joined Weight Watchers as a vegan and lost 64 and a half pounds.



Geri Maloney from Broadfield lost 64 and a half pounds after joining Weight Watchers and going vegan.

This month, Broadfield resident Geri Maloney celebrated losing 4½ stone after joining  her local Weight Watchers group.

Geri had always battled with her weight but decided to join Weight Watchers after seeing a photograph of herself on a family holiday.

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Geri explains, “I’ve been overweight my whole adult life. My clothes size kept creeping up and although I was never happy with my size, I just accepted it. Every now and again I would attempt to lose weight; I would lose a stone, feel great and then put it all back on again.”

Following from pregnancy, Geri had gained more weight and decided to transition from vegetarian to vegan, in the hope that the plant-based diet may aid her weight-loss, however Geri still found that she struggled.

She said:

“As veganism is more mainstream now there are so many unhealthy options available that it is very easy to still eat junk food, which I did, and therefore didn’t lose weight. I would very rarely look in a full-length mirror and always tried to avoid having full-length photos taken because I would hate seeing myself.

“I gave up on wearing nice clothes and adopted a uniform of leggings and baggy tops which I thought disguised my weight, but when I saw a photo of me holding my daughter, I thought about what she would think of it when she is older. I didn’t want her to look at it and see the Mum who was too unfit to run around after her once she learnt to walk, or never wanted to go clothes shopping.”

Geri knew that she had to make a change, and after seeing a banner advertising her local Broadfield Weight Watchers meeting, she plucked up the courage to sign up.

“It was one of the best decisions I have ever made; walking in was a little daunting but the welcome that I received from my coach, Sharon and the rest of the members, made me relax in no time. I walked out feeling totally inspired and like I could take on the world!”

Since joining Weight Watchers Geri has learnt new healthy eating habits whilst still enjoying her vegan-friendly food. She says:

“In my first week I learnt how to use the Weight Watchers mobile phone app, and I had great fun walking round the supermarkets scanning all my favourite foods, and was surprised by how many of the foods I loved were not off limits. The Flex plan has encouraged me to start cooking more using some of the zero-point foods like tofu, lentils, chickpeas and beans – they’re so versatile and really good for padding out meals to make me feel full and satisfied for longer.”

Now Geri has reached her goal weight and became a Weight Watchers Gold member, she says it’s not just about the weight she has lost, but everything else that she has gained!

“Losing weight has increased my confidence and made me feel fitter. I can go out for a walk with my daughter and chase her around without needing to sit down and rest afterwards.”

A Gold membership is awarded to members once they have achieved their goal weight. As well as receiving a certificate for their achievement, Gold members can attend meetings free of charge and as often as they like, if they stay within 5lbs of their target weight.

Coach Sharon Ashborn says:

“I love Geri because she’s so funky and hip! She brings sparkle to the room, encourages and supports our other members and always contributes to the meeting talks. The best part is she inspires and amazes me with her vegan diet, and how she has continued to follow it alongside the Flex plan.

“As Geri continues to attend the meetings, I will continue to support and encourage her to continue with the fantastic work she has done so far to ensure she will stay on track and take control of her goals for good.”

When asked if she had one piece of advice for people considering joining Weight Watchers, she said, “stop thinking about it and do it, just join! Embrace it and you will achieve your goal!”

Sharon Ashborn runs six meetings a week across West Sussex:

Monday at 5.30pm – Broadfield Youth and Community Centre
Tuesday at 6.30pm – Southwater Leisure Centre
Thursday at 8.45 & 10am – Southwater Leisure Centre
Friday at 9.30am – Haywards Heath St Wilfrids Church Hall
Saturday at 9.45am – Broadfield Youth and Community Centre

To find out more about Sharon’s Weight Watchers meetings email or visit to find out about other meetings.

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