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Another earthquake, what is actually going on?

What is causing these quakes?



Another rubble through the buildings and reports of shaking as yet another tremor was felt across Crawley and Gatwick.

Matt Bassler who was in his office in Manor Royal said:

“Everyone in the office felt the room shake and our first thoughts were a large lorry was passing by, but it soon became obvious that it was a lot more.”

Immediately after the quake social media lit up as people started reporting their experiences.

The quake once again originated in Newdigate, Surrey at a depth of 3 miles and measured a magnitude of 3.1.

With several quakes in the past few weeks originating from the same epicentre questions are now being asked as to exactly what is going on.


A lot of residents have questioned the use of fracking and whether this has been the cause.

But what exactly IS fracking?

“One theory is that whilst natural earthquakes occur as plates slip it is not actually the fracturing of the rocks that is causing the quakes, but in-fact the water that is used.”

Fracking is where a mixture of high-pressure water, sand and chemicals are ‘injected’ into rock that has been reached through drilling down into the earth.

Because of the high pressure used this in-turn releases the gases that are being harvested.

Hence the term fracking which means ‘fracturing’ of the rock.

But how would this cause an earthquake?

One theory is that whilst natural earthquakes occur as plates slip it is not actually the fracturing of the rocks that is causing the quakes, but in-fact the water that is used.

The water causes the rocks to become lubricated which is allowing them to move more easily.

But whatever the reason or the cause scientists say we don’t need to start running under tables just yet.


Crawley gets housing boost as council get £6.4m grant

Two major housing projects have been given a boost after Crawley Borough Council received final confirmation that it has been successful in applying for a government grant worth more than £6m.



The £6.4m grant from Homes England’s Housing Infrastructure Fund will help unlock another 620 new homes in the town.

Telford Place in the town centre will receive £2m to bring forward development while £4.4m will go towards infrastructure that enables new homes to be built in Forge Wood, Crawley’s newest neighbourhood.

As part of the council’s housing development plans, key town centre site Telford Place will receive funding to provide an alternative access to the site, which had only supported up to 100 units. This additional access will enable more than 200 extra homes to be built.

The council announced in August that Clarion Housing Group had been selected as its preferred development partner to deliver 313 new homes. These will be a mix of one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments on the 1.85 acre site, which is currently used as a temporary car park.

Around half of the homes will be available for private sale, with the remainder consisting of shared ownership homes and 87 council homes charged at affordable rents.

Clarion held consultation events in October and November in the town centre, giving residents more information about the proposed development and answering their questions.

A planning application is expected to be submitted by the end of the year, with a view to starting on site early in 2019.

The £4,423,280 funding will be spent on an acoustic barrier and commercial building at Forge Wood, which will allow the development of 420 residential units, including 183 affordable units. These will be a part of the 1,900 residential units which make up the neighbourhood. Of these, 760 will be affordable units.

Councillor Michael Jones, Cabinet member for Housing at Crawley Borough Council, said:

“We are determined to provide as many new homes as we possibly can; this confirmation of funding is a major step towards 733 units being built. This will make it easier for us in our efforts to significantly reduce the numbers of households on our waiting list here in the borough.

“Our ambition is to deliver more than 1,000 new council homes for people in Crawley over the next few years and this funding is helping us towards that.”

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