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Want to reach over 75,000 local people?

When it comes to advertising you DO NOT want to take any risks. Too many sites claim to have X number of visitors but cannot prove it. CN24 is proud to open its analytics to all our advertisers, so you know what we say is what you get allowing you to reach your customers with ads like this one below:

We can even take care of the artwork for you creating something unique.

No need to worry about paying for a designer or working out how to choose whether it should be a jpeg, png or gif file.

We take care of it all and you can have something like this:

But adverts are only one part of what we offer with our marketing campaigns.

Other solutions include:

  • Site Wraps
  • Articles
  • Newsletters

Since we launched in Dec 2016 we have seen a rapid growth in our readership becoming a Google News Publisher within only 2 months and reaching incredible readership in only 6 months.

We are not news aggregators, we don’t just pull press releases from other sources, we are journalists. We are not some HUGE corporate organisation, but a small dedicated team with one objective, to provide honest, breaking and investigative news to local people.

One myth of news advertising is that it can be too expensive. We make sure every budget is catered for and always monitor every campaign allowing you to change or adapt your messages if needed.

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